Wednesday, December 21

Backyard Cinema, Borough

Who is finally feeling festive?!
I'm pleased to announce... I have finished work. I am home for Christmas. And I'm eating at least two mince pies every day. (Cough, 4-5).

Hoo- Bloody - Rah!

At the beginning of December, in an effort to try to get the festive juices flowing, my friend Francesca & I took an afternoon off work to visit the Backyard Cinema. 

The most adorable, Narnia themed pop up I have ever seen.

Booking onto the best Christmas film of all time, Love Actually, (other answers are all strongly incorrect), we stood in awe, waiting for the wardrobe doors to open before us...

Doors opening, shimmying past the thick fur coats, in we stepped to Narnia. 

And hurrying on before being caught my Mr Tumnus (or the White Witch), we tiptoed past the lamp post. 

And finally, we walked into the most wonderful, twinkling cinema.

With our mulled cider, gingerbread cocktails & bags of popcorn, we settled into our giant beanbags for one of the best Christmas films... Ever.

There's a couple of last minute seats available for the cinema - running until Jan -  you can nab them here.

The Backyard Cinema is a little gem, just a shame my living room isn't as charming as this!

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