Saturday, November 12

Honest Burgers' Bottomless Boozy Brunch

My recipe for a jolly good weekend is two simple things...

Booze & Brunch.

(I'm a woman of simple pleasures).

So when you're offering both of these things at once, you know I'll be there, no questions asked.
My housemate Henry found on the app Yplan that one of my favourite burger spots offers a bottomless option.

90 minutes of however much you can drink & an item of the brunch menu... All for £25.
Yes, £25. 

Arriving at the Liverpool Street branch, we decided to order a pitcher of each of their tipples...

Brunch Punch: Duppy Share Rum 150ml, orange juice, grapefruit juice, bitters, red grapefruit, pomegranate and mint 

Bloody Mary: Aylesbury Duck Vodka 150ml, Pickle House pickle juice, pepper, horseradish, tomato juice, lemon juice, honest pickled cucumber and #1 Hot Sauce. 

Brunch Puppy: Kamm and Sons 140ml, prosecco, elderflower, soda and cucumber.

Clowning around with these two never has its dull moments... 

Jugs at the ready!

I'm a hugeeeee fan of Honest Burgers. They're probably my favourite, trustworthy burger chain across London. 
But this was brunch, and whilst I usually never order a full English Breakfast (I know, I know. I'd just prefer eggs- if you haven't guessed from the plethora of eggs royale on my Instagram feed), I felt on today's occasion it was rude to not.

The verdict...?

 Bloody good. 

For someone who usually shies away from this choice, I was pleasantly surprised & even ate all the black pudding (that I usually can't stand).
Well played Honest Burger, well played.


Honest Burger do brunch. 

For somewhere where I usually would have only associated with a juicy burger & onion rings, I can confirm their boozy bottomless brunch is something I'd highly recommend. 
Or heck it, screw the booze & just pop down to one of their branches on a Sunday morning. 
You won't regret it.


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