Thursday, November 17

24 Hours in New York

One thing I love about my job is the travelling which it entails.
Whilst a demanding role in a rapidly growing industry & within a small team, I'm lucky enough to be able to attend conferences all around the world.

This year I've jetted off to Madrid, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Berlin, Cologne and...
(my personal favourite)... New York.

My colleague Louisa & I took an extra day off work & set off to the Big Apple early, we thought we might as well have an explore before the craziness of the conference begun!

24 hours of freedom in New York.

And what was the first thing we did once we arrived? 
Get our caffeine fix, of course.

Both Louisa & myself have both been to New York before, so didn't want to waste much time doing some of the main touristic spots. 
In mid summer, the weather was sweltering & we decided to amble through Central Park with our iced double shot mocha flavoured frappacino *blah blah blah* coffees to enjoy the sunshine.

Surrounded by some of the most expensive buildings in America, high rises tower all around the park- it's a bit of a sanctuary in the middle of all the crazy.

Wandering around the park, we came across the Bethesda Terrace and Fountain- or as you might know it, the spot where Blair & Chuck from Gossip Girl got married (and yes, I cried. No shame). 

Performers, tourists, and even a wedding. (What a stunning backdrop for bride & groom photos). 
The fountain was a hub of activity, one where you could sit & people watch for hours on end.

With the sunlight hours dwindling, we left the romance of the boat house in search of Belvedere Castle- a stunning spot where a cellist was serenading us all.

If you have a spare afternoon in New York, without a doubt wander around Central Park. I bet its even more stunning in winter when everywhere is decked out with fairy lights!
That evening, we went out to a Comedy Cellar with some friends we knew- without a doubt, try to book into one of these for an evening. 

The following morning with very sore heads (after way too many fireball whiskey shots- in America, shots are not normal shots.... Oh no. They're basically tumblers... Ugh!) & jet lag, Louisa & I headed off for a second day of antics. 

We were recommended by the hotel to a true 'diner' for breakfast- I'm not going to lie, the only photo I'm wasting on this place is their ultimate chocolate milkshake. (The rest was rather disappointingly, pretty poor).

In store today, was the most stunning view overlooking the New York skyline. 

One thing you need to do once in your life, is climb up to the heights, and overlook the classic NY skyline. 
Go on, grab a pen & write it down on your bucket list.

Most people will automatically jump at the idea of going up the Empire State. Well... Yes, this is rather cool.
But, it's a million times better to go up the Rockefeller Centre, see the Empire State in the skyline & also see Central Park from the other side. (All for half of the price!)

Climbing up and up to the very top.... It takes you're breath away. 

Gorgeous. Next time, I'm undoubtedly planning on visiting at sunset.
We spent our evening with clients at Catch in the trendy meat packing district, I honestly can't recommend here enough- a couple of the VS models were even there that evening. (Major fan girl moment!)

New York. 
Without a doubt its my favourite city in the states.
24 Hours of freedom definitely wasn't long enough, but it was better than nothing!

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