Saturday, February 27

Hally's, Parsons Green

So I have a new favourite brunch spot.
*I know. Shock horror.* 

My friend Francesca introduced me to Hally's in Parsons Green & ever since I've been dreaming of their coffee & jaw dropping carrot cake. It's a life changer. 

Saturday, February 13

T2 Chai Championships, Regent Street

A couple of weeks ago, a little invitation landed in my mailbox.
One thing that  am without a doubt, is very, very British. 
I complain about the weather (but love it regardless), I queue like a pro & I'm a firm believer that a cup of tea can solve any and every problem known to man.

Recently, T2 on Regent Street were hosting their very own 'Chai Championship' where Chai baristas from all over the UK battled it out for the ultimate prize: a ticket to Australia for the chance to compete for a once-in-a-lifetime chai-inspired trip to India. (Pretty cool, huh?)
I was, without a doubt, not missing this opportunity!

Wednesday, February 10

The Meat Co., Shepherds Bush

Last week I had the ultimate pleasure of taking my housemate Luke out on our first blogging date. 
Luke's known I've had a blog for a while but hasn't really seen it in action. At the sheer mention of steak, he was wide eyed & keen to be my partner in crime!

And the spot of choice?
The South African steak restaurant on the corner of Westfield called, The Meat Co.


Tuesday, February 2

Ginger Nut Tiffin

So gloomy January has finally come to an end! Hoorah!
Everyone's broken their resolutions (you must be made of steel if you haven't already), and the diets have all slipped- Oops.
And what better way to celebrate the fact that the worst month of the whole year is over?
Cake, of course.
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