Wednesday, January 27

Granger & Co Brunch, Kings X

They wrote about their lives, their food, and their travelling adventures. 
They met on a rather weird creation called 'Social Media'; and the rest is history.

Three years on and these girls are still friends. Catching up every now and again, they still remain in contact and try to meet up as often as possible. (One of the many factors of blogging which I love.)

Wednesday, January 20

Columbia Road Flower Market

At a loss at what to do this weekend?
Well if so, you should without a doubt head over to Columbia Road Flower Market. 

Saturday, January 16

Blixen, Spitalfields

Ahh brunch. 
Easily my favourite meal by a mile.

Sunday, January 10

*Insert Generic 'New Year, New Me' Title Here*

2016.... How the heck is it 2016?!

*Freaks out for a few short moments*
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