Wednesday, December 21

Backyard Cinema, Borough

Who is finally feeling festive?!
I'm pleased to announce... I have finished work. I am home for Christmas. And I'm eating at least two mince pies every day. (Cough, 4-5).

Hoo- Bloody - Rah!


Tuesday, November 29

Belle Mare Plage, Mauritius

In what feels like a lifetime ago, I ditched the stress of work & hopped on a plane to a place I can only describe as paradise.

Thursday, November 17

24 Hours in New York

One thing I love about my job is the travelling which it entails.
Whilst a demanding role in a rapidly growing industry & within a small team, I'm lucky enough to be able to attend conferences all around the world.

This year I've jetted off to Madrid, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Berlin, Cologne and...
(my personal favourite)... New York.


Saturday, November 12

Honest Burgers' Bottomless Boozy Brunch

My recipe for a jolly good weekend is two simple things...

Booze & Brunch.

(I'm a woman of simple pleasures).

Saturday, November 5

Bonfire Night: Sausage Rolls

Remember, remember the fifth of November...
It's Bonfire Night!


Sunday, October 16

Farm Girl, Notting Hill

Weekends are made for coffee, brunch & wandering.

In fact, I don't think I've actually ever had a weekend in London that doesn't include those fabulous three things.
With the beautiful, multicoloured houses & endless Instagrammable decors, Notting Hill is London's prime hunting ground for bloggers. 

Saturday, October 8

The Happy Foodie- Competition!

There's cake back on the front page of the blog!
This month, I've have the utter pleasure of working with The Happy Foodie as their blogger of the month.


Thursday, September 22

National Burger Day 2016

I bet that photo caught your attention, didn't it?!
Say hello to National Burger Day- the one day of the year where it is 100% acceptable to eat over 10 burgers & not be judged on the meat juice stains, covering your shirt. 

Wednesday, August 31

Jardín Majorelle & Nomad, Morocco

One of the most jaw dropping places we explored in Morocco, was the Jardin Majorelle- a garden brimming with life, bold colour & a memorial to the famous designer Yves Saint Laurent; who came to love the garden as his second home.

Saturday, August 27

Riding House Cafe

The other weekend, I had one of the most instagrammable breakfasts to date..... Yes, 'instagrammable' is a word. 
As annointed Brunch Queen; I'm declaring it a thing.  

Sunday, August 14

Morocco Part 2

I've finally finished sifting through endless photos of Morocco- which now feels like a life time ago. 
It was probably one of the most beautiful & photographable countries I have ever been to.
Every single nook & cranny was covered in intricate detail & show casing bright colours- but one area that stood out in particular, are the souks. 

Friday, August 12

M1LK, Balham

A few weekend's ago I had the ultimate pleasure of catching up with this beauty...

Sunday, July 17

Morocco- Beldi Country Club

Everyone needs a holiday now and again- a little breath of fresh air & break from the chaotic & non stop rumble of working life. 
One of my promises to myself is to every year go somewhere completely new- no matter where that might be. This year I've already filled that quota with venturing for the first time to Venice, Tel Aviv, Morocco & actually, right now, I am currently drafting this post sat on a plane to Berlin.
It's safe to say wanderlust & me go hand in hand!

Sorry- I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's stick with Morocco for now instead of typical-me, wanting to conquer the world in a day.
With one of my dearest friends by my side, I landed in the sweltering heat & donned my sun hat- ready for the inevitable sunburn.


Wednesday, July 13

Pergola on the Roof

The British summer, whilst full of rain & Brits complaining about a severe lack of sunshine, does occasionally surprise. Every now and again, we experience some sunshine. Shock horror, I know.

(In fact, I'm currently typing this blog post with horrific sun burn. 
My chest is red raw & my knees are blistering. A delightful image I know...
- Tip... Do not wear ripped knee jeans in significant sun if pale skinned & ginger - )

Any how, my severe burning from the sunshine as a result of a gene that's wiping out all gingers via natural selection, is but of little importantance. 
What is important however, is where when the rarity of the sun occurs, where I will be found. 


Wednesday, June 29

Gin & Tonic Cake

Without a doubt, I think that this is my favourite cake that I have ever made. 
That statement, I do not say lightly- I've made a lot of cakes in my twenty two years. But this, this wondrous cake is in a league of its own.
Not only because the sheer mention of gin in anything is heavenly, but because its light, airy, flavoursome taste marries perfectly with the zingy lime & tonic icing. 

This, ladies & gentlemen, is me if I was reincarnated in my true cake form.
 Looks innocent, packs a punch of flavour.

Saturday, June 11

The Biscuiteers, Icing Lates

This is without a doubt one of my favourite blog posts that I've written in a long time.

A few years ago, imagine a wide eyed, red headed girl wandering down Portobello Road for the first time. Weaving through the crowds of people eyeing up the trinklets on each stall, she decided to detour onto the side streets to get a bit of space from the hoards of people.

There, just off Portobello Road, this young, ginger explorer came did a double take as she came across Buckingham Palace- yes, Buckingham Palace - in the form of biscuits... (Naturally surrounded by gingerbread soldiers & royal family.)

From there, my love of The Biscuiteers was born.

Monday, May 30

Coffee Cream Eclairs

This bank holiday weekend has been a cracker hasn't it?
I'm not going to lie, I'm tired-er now than I was on Friday; but hey- it was worth it. 

Sunday, May 22

Social Pottery

I've now been nicknamed the 'Queen of Brunch' by my house mates. 
Every weekend, without fail, as they are slowly waking up from their slumber, I'm already dressed & sat with a coffee in hand having a wonderful brunch. 
Last weekend wasn't an exception to this trend.

Thursday, May 19

Venice, Day 2

Venice is without a doubt one of the most stunning cities that I've ever visited.
I mean, check that out as a morning stroll scene?

Sunday, May 15

Bombay Sapphire Rooftop Retreat, Harvey Nichols

One thing that I'm famous for amongst my friends, is my love of gin. 
Oh sweet, sweet gin...
Understandably, I was invited along to Bombay Sapphire's new rooftop retreat at Harvey Nicols in Knightsbridge, I leapt at the opportunity.
What better way to cure the Monday blues than with my favourite tipple?
(And then Game of Thrones as soon as I got home...)

Tuesday, April 26

Venice, Part 1

This trip feels like a life time ago... 
Waking up midweek at the crack of dawn; and instead of making my way along the hustle & bustle on the tube to work, hopping on a rumbling train to the outskirts of London.
There's still no better buzz than hopping on a plane to somewhere new, is there?


Saturday, April 9

Greenberry, Primrose Hill

This is a little spot I've been meaning to post about for a while.
Nestled up in the north of London, far away from my doorstep in the south, is a beautiful little brunch spot that's a favourite of many a celebrity.
Say hello to Primrose Hill's finest, Greenberry.

Saturday, March 5

Brickwood, Clapham Common

A new weekend calls for a new brunch spot. 
I've heard about Brickwood on the grape vine & always seen an enormous queue outside of its door, but its only until recently that I've become fixated by its bright green exterior & Australian nature.


Saturday, February 27

Hally's, Parsons Green

So I have a new favourite brunch spot.
*I know. Shock horror.* 

My friend Francesca introduced me to Hally's in Parsons Green & ever since I've been dreaming of their coffee & jaw dropping carrot cake. It's a life changer. 

Saturday, February 13

T2 Chai Championships, Regent Street

A couple of weeks ago, a little invitation landed in my mailbox.
One thing that  am without a doubt, is very, very British. 
I complain about the weather (but love it regardless), I queue like a pro & I'm a firm believer that a cup of tea can solve any and every problem known to man.

Recently, T2 on Regent Street were hosting their very own 'Chai Championship' where Chai baristas from all over the UK battled it out for the ultimate prize: a ticket to Australia for the chance to compete for a once-in-a-lifetime chai-inspired trip to India. (Pretty cool, huh?)
I was, without a doubt, not missing this opportunity!

Wednesday, February 10

The Meat Co., Shepherds Bush

Last week I had the ultimate pleasure of taking my housemate Luke out on our first blogging date. 
Luke's known I've had a blog for a while but hasn't really seen it in action. At the sheer mention of steak, he was wide eyed & keen to be my partner in crime!

And the spot of choice?
The South African steak restaurant on the corner of Westfield called, The Meat Co.


Tuesday, February 2

Ginger Nut Tiffin

So gloomy January has finally come to an end! Hoorah!
Everyone's broken their resolutions (you must be made of steel if you haven't already), and the diets have all slipped- Oops.
And what better way to celebrate the fact that the worst month of the whole year is over?
Cake, of course.

Wednesday, January 27

Granger & Co Brunch, Kings X

They wrote about their lives, their food, and their travelling adventures. 
They met on a rather weird creation called 'Social Media'; and the rest is history.

Three years on and these girls are still friends. Catching up every now and again, they still remain in contact and try to meet up as often as possible. (One of the many factors of blogging which I love.)

Wednesday, January 20

Columbia Road Flower Market

At a loss at what to do this weekend?
Well if so, you should without a doubt head over to Columbia Road Flower Market. 

Saturday, January 16

Blixen, Spitalfields

Ahh brunch. 
Easily my favourite meal by a mile.

Sunday, January 10

*Insert Generic 'New Year, New Me' Title Here*

2016.... How the heck is it 2016?!

*Freaks out for a few short moments*
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