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Bombay Sapphire Botanical Beauty Series

Gin is my kryptonite. 
There is nothing I love more than coming home from work on a Friday and having a cool, strong G&T. So naturally, when I was asked if I'd like to go along to the world's number one premium gin company, Bombay Sapphire's, newest venture; I leapt at the chance!

Bombay Sapphire's Botanical Beauty Series with Wardian London is an absolute must for anyone that has a soft spot for gin. 
After work, I quickly dashed back home for a quick turn around before hopping in a taxi to Canary Wharf. 
Now any Londoner knows that Canary Wharf is the working hub of London. It's famous for its offices, business attitude and high rise buildings. Imagine my amazement when I arrive to find a rather unusual location for some gin tasting...

Nestled in amongst the towering scenes, was the beautiful Wardian Case, part of the new riverside residential development with EcoWorld Ballymore. This stunning venue is hosting the ultimate gin journey from this Tuesday 17th November until the 21st. 
The candlelit atmosphere makes it even more stunning and during each of these evenings, guests will be guided on how to make their perfect gin by the Bombay Sapphire brand ambassador, Renaud de Bosredon. 
Excited for the evening ahead, I took my seat along with the other press & media to let Renaud begin...

Renaud began to explain to us how the botanicals in Bombay Sapphire are carefully crafted and blended together to create the perfect tasting gin. We broke down each of the 10 botanicals and found how each of them could be heightened by adding herbs/flavours which corresponded to match your preferences. 

The 10 botanicals are specially picked from around the world and include:
- Lemon Peel from Spain
- Juniper Berries from Tuscany, Italy
- Almonds from Spain
- Oris Root, Italy
- Cassia Bark, Indo China
- Coriander Seeds, Morocco
- Angelica Root, Saxony
- Grains of Paradise, Ghana
- Cubeb Berries, Java

The first gin we made was a classic, simple and elegant sort. Did you know that you're meant to have half gin and half tonic in a class? Non of this only one third gin nonsense!

Whilst this gin was utterly delightful, with our second concoction we experimented and played around with some new flavours...

We each chose whether we wanted an earthly, floral, spicy or sweet gin and with the expert help of  Renaud, we set about in making our perfect gins.

Inside the Wardian Case is a huge display of varying herbs and spices to pick from. With our pairs of tiny scissors in hand, we got snipping away!

Personally, I've got a very sweet tooth. (Hence all the cake and baking!) So it was a really simple choice for me as to what blend I wanted to create. 
I whipped up my gin, added in a few springs of thyme and peppermint and finally finished off my master creation with one or two drops of peach extract.

This Gin Queen was very happy!

Unfortunately, the workshop has now sold out as its only running for a limited time.
However, for £15 you can hop on over next door and try two of their G&T twists with canap├ęs!

If, like me, you absolutely love gin, then it's a really interesting insight into something you don't usually think too much into when you're having a tipple.
I honestly can't recommend the experience enough!

So get experimenting, try some new G&T's that'll make you never ever turn back to the supermarket's own brands, and treat yourself!

Any one else a gin addict? Or have any favourite drinks/twists that they've tried?

A big thank you to Bombay Sapphire & Ballymore for having me along and to APR Communications for being such amazing hosts!

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