Tuesday, June 30

Letting Go Of Leeds

You're going to have to bear with me on this post. 
It's going to be an emotional one.


Friday, June 12

Jammy Butterfly Cakes

Whilst baking a new recipe is always exciting, sometimes you really can't beat the classics.
And you really can't get more classic and simple than butterfly cakes.

Saturday, June 6

Roundhay Park, Leeds

Just a pretty picture post today. 
Everything's pretty busy in Leeds as everyone is out celebrating this weekend before returning home for good. *Sob*.
Luckily the weather is glorious and so a group of us went along to Roundhay Park for a picnic. (Sorry we ate all the food before I could get my camera out. Whoops.)


Tuesday, June 2

Almost Famous, Leeds

If you couldn't tell by my blog already, I love a good burger.
Getting the perfect combination is a fine art and the vendors in Leeds I'd argue are some of the best in the UK. With the likes of Boss Burger, Patty Smiths, Meat Liquor & Get Baked (which I am definitely trying this week), finding your fix for some juicy meat and squidgy buns isn't hard.
Almost Famous is up with the best & after hearing so much about them and sampling some of their mini sliders at the Leeds Food & Drink Festival press launch, we couldn't help but visit their main restaurant.
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