Friday, May 29

Hotel Chocolat Cook Book Launch

This week the masterminds behind Roast + Conch, Hotel Chocolat's exceptional restaurant, held a special event for the launch of their new cookbook. 
I've heard so much positivity about their food and how they use cocoa in ways that you wouldn't ever think possible, so I of course leapt at the invitation to join. 

Upon arrival myself and my friend Lucinda were warmly greeted and offered some rather strong, beautiful 'Prety in Pink' cocktails. (Just how we like them!)

The two of us snuggled into some window seats to have a sip, catch up and more importantly, to check out the new book.
It's filled with stunning photography and a wide range of recipes that had us both drooling at the prospect. I've already ordered my copy!

You might have seen Lucinda in my blog post on the Adidas Super Color launch, if you haven't already, check out her blog called The Fashion Fictionary. It's ace. 

After a quick natter, we climbed up the stairs that were beckoning us with the prospect of cocoa gin...

Upstairs, we came across one of the coolest things that I think I've ever seen.
A cocoa bean gin luge.
(I know. Cool right!?)

The staff elegantly poured through the cocoa gin, a novelty to Lucinda and I to say the least, and the two of us took a few sips and sampled their gin jelly.

I couldn't resist this shot, just to show you how big this sculpture was compared to me...

The food provided was utterly delicious. 
The cocoa gin cured salmon was a personal favourite of mine, not least because salmon is one of my favourite foods in the world.

Next up was the cocoa beef, (I can't remember or find the exact specs on this dish), but it was served alongside chocolate beer and packed a strong flavour and was mouth wateringly tender.

But all of this fun was hard, thirsty work, and so we decided it was time to switch from the gin to their popular Rum sours.

So there we were, soaking up the atmosphere, sipping on some cocktails... And then we saw the canapes come out.
I don't think we've ever moved that fast before.

Nibbling away, we dug into their spicy tartlets, their infamous white chocolate mash that I've heard sooo much about...

Their absolutely divine mini mac and cheese pies...

Some crunchy little fishcakes, and also their cocoa beer braised mussels.

The food supplied was top notch and both of us could have happily eaten plate after plate of their creations.
I seriously need to stop by Roast + Conch before graduating for a full meal, their menu provides so many classics but with the cocoa twist that I've been promised brings out the flavours to a new level. 
After sampling a couple of tasters, I couldn't agree more already!

After having a brilliant evening, Lucinda & I decided on one final drink before being offered a cheeky, boozy cocoa shot by the barmen.
I like their style.

Yes, Roast + Conch. You are so right. 
It is all about the cocoa.

A big thank you to the staff at Roast + Conch for the invitation, impeccable hospitality and jaw dropping food & drink. Lucinda & I had a brilliant evening celebrating the launch of the new cookbook and I can't wait to try some the recipes myself!

You can find Roast + Conch in both Leeds & London and I can't recommend a visit enough.
I'm indeed in love with the coco.


  1. I love those steps, how amazing would it be to have those in your house!

  2. Looks awesome! Those mussels <3


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