Saturday, February 7

Sites That I Love Surfing

We all do it, some days more than others.
 You've got an essay/piece of work due, but, what do we all inevitably do for five or 10 minutes?
But, one thing that I have learnt from my uni degree, is how to kick yourself out of it. Those 30-40 minutes I spent in first year has been batted down to only 5-10 and the internal motivation to work heightened. (Which is especially needed when you only have 4 contact hours a week in uni!)

Unfortunately this post isn't about advising how to avoid procrastination. Instead it is more of a way to show you how I spend my time on the world wide web when I'm not working and share some of my favourite sites with you all.

1) Clothes Shopping

Yep. This one is a killer. Hunting round online (even though I can only afford a splurge once in a blue moon...) It's hard to not surf around in search of that perfect new dress/top/whatever the heck it may be. It's a lethal and often lengthy form of procrastination.
My favourite sites to shop at are Missguided, Topshop, Zara, ASOS, H&M. The 'classics' really! 
I'm currently stalking everywhere for something to wear for my 21st next week *eeeek!!!*, so I've got it down to the final few...
Any thoughts?

I love the ease of this through the internet. It's so darn simple and wonderful that such wide scope is available at the touch of your fingertips. 
Some of my favourites include:

3) Daily Mail

Lethal. Absolutely lethal for working. I flick through with no idea who most of these people are, (I also don't really care), and even though loads of articles on the Daily Mail are ridiculous, it's still worth a flick through for entertainment purposes.

4) Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... I don't want to think about how much time I spend on here.

5) Tumblrs

There are two Tumblrs in particular that I simply adore. The first is 'Mean Girls on Downing Street', it is utter brilliance & here's two of my favourite shots to give you an idea...

Yep. It's amazing. Well worth a flick through for an instant laugh! The other is for all fitness lovers out there, if you need some inspiration, check out 'Pretty & Fit'. It's great for kick starting your fitness love and getting active again.

6) Blogs

I'm guessing because your reading this that you will also read a lot of blogs! I really need to compose a blog roll at some point... I just love flicking through different peoples experiences/takes on things; especialy when bloggers spend so much time writing posts. It's always great finding new bloggers to follow and my Bloglovin' is slowly filling up!

7) Writing/Planning Blog Posts

Unsurprisingly, writing, planning and generally just running a blog takes up shed loads of time. I'd say that this is definitely one of the things I spend the most time on, but its fine, I love doing it!

8) Pinterest

This one is a killer. Most of you out there will know Pinterest. You'll know how wonderful it is. How many bright, beautiful and imaginative pictures there are on there. You'll also know how long you can spend flicking through albums and sites... It's great for ideas boosting, but killer if you need to be productive.

Has anyone else got any websites that they always seem to be on?
What are all of your favourites?

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