Wednesday, February 25

Turning 21: Part 2, The Olive Branch

Last weekend, as hopefully you will have seen on my last blog post, I turned the big 2-1.
Whilst I spent this day having an absolute blast with my direct family and friends, I of course needed to spend some time and celebrate with the rest of my family.


Friday, February 20

Turning 21: Part 1 of 2

As some of you will have already seen on my Instagram, I am indeed a 'Valentines Babe', born on the day of lurveeee on the 14th February.
Whilst I always have a blast, this year was a biggie... This year it was my 21st.


Sunday, February 15

Ecco Pizzeria, Leeds

For weeks and weeks I have heard about Ecco Pizza. 
I've seen my house mates empty pizza boxes, the looks of blissful content on their faces, and the endless stories about their drool worthy creations.
So, when I was asked along to their bloggers evening the other week, I lept at the chance to attend.


Friday, February 13

Bed in Breakfast: Speculoos Croissants

It's a big day tomorrow!!
Any guesses??

Well, yes. It might be Valentines Day... but it's also my 21st birthday.


Tuesday, February 10

Humpit, Leeds

On the last beautifully crisp and blue skied Sunday, my house mate Sarah *Africa to all of us* and myself took a library break over lunch and wandered into Leeds city centre in search of the Corn Exchange.


Saturday, February 7

Sites That I Love Surfing

We all do it, some days more than others.
 You've got an essay/piece of work due, but, what do we all inevitably do for five or 10 minutes?
But, one thing that I have learnt from my uni degree, is how to kick yourself out of it. Those 30-40 minutes I spent in first year has been batted down to only 5-10 and the internal motivation to work heightened. (Which is especially needed when you only have 4 contact hours a week in uni!)


Wednesday, February 4

Nutella Brownies (GF)

Let us all just take a few seconds to appreciate this wondrous sight...


Sunday, February 1

Jamie's Italian, Leeds

I've been wanting to visit Jamie's for absolutely ages.
I'm a huge fan of the chef anyway and have most of his books. (My two favourites are the 'The Ministry of Food' which is amazing for basic, homey recipes and student living on a tight budget, and 'Comfort Food' which is just drool worthy!)
Anyhow, after years of lusting when I walked past its doors on a weekly basis, and hearing numerous ace reviews, it was finally time to give it a spin myself.
Better late than never!

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