Sunday, January 18

My Life in a Bag

Hello, hello everyone!

It's been a while hasn't it?

I'm so sorry that I've been a bit AWOL as of late, unfortunately a mixture of job applications, huge essay deadlines, and exams has meant that blogging has had to take a back seat as of late. Annoying, I know. I'd rather be blogging than reading about the 18thC British Navy politics any day.

But, I have my freedom back on Monday at 12pm, and after that I've got a million jobs to do, places to visit and blog posts to write. Freedom can't come soon enough!

In the meantime, I've been able to sort out one blog post in the limited day light hours that I'm not spent in the library.

So, here we go...

What's in Emily's (usually very crammed-full) handbag?

1) Snacks

Since I'm usually on the go, running around university or popping to the gym in between lectures, snacks are a must. I'm trying to be really healthy at the moment so I'm trying these Nakd bars (so far, chocolate orange is by far the best). Otherwise, I'll carry around Metcalfe's Salt & Sweet popcorn, apples, or yoghurt coated raisins to nibble on with a coffee.

2) A Teaspoon

Yes, I know this is slightly odd, but I eat tons of soup and drink a lot of cappuccinos. And what's the best bit of a cappuccino? The froth. Takeaway coffee + no teaspoon = No froth... See, it's not so weird after all is it?!

 3) Purse

A kind of obvious one. This is my third Ted Baker purse and I absolutely love them, they always have quirky, silk linings and last for ages. Well worth the investment if you're shopping round!

 4) Sunglasses

It might be absolutely baltic up in Leeds, (so much so that I'm wearing my ski jacket everyday), but it's actually quite sunny too. My brother got me these brilliant SunGod customised specs for Christmas. I love the fact that they're reflected (great for people watching), and they'll be cracking on the ski slopes later this year too.

5) Keys

On my cheeky 'Leeds Snowriders' Lanyard from my uni ski trip, I've got my keys for everything- featuring a MyWaitrose card (get one if you haven't already- it's worth the brilliant free coffees and magazines!) and a champagne cork keyring. Classy lady, I know.

6) Scarf

As I said, it's absolutely baltic up north, so I usually have either a pair of gloves or a scarf lying around inside.

7) Make Up Bag

A girls gotta touch up throughout the day, maybe I should be a make up related post at some point, but we'll save that one for another day!

8) Polos

Something that I've picked up from my grandma, I always have a tube of mints in my bag. You never know when they might come in handy...

9) Headphones

Walking round all day, hitting the gym, and generally being a busy-bee means that I'm never without my headphones. I'm still obsessed with Ed Sheeran's album 'X', but if not you'll catch me listening to Radio 1 or some motivational/go happy tunes.

10) Hand Cream

This cold weather is unfortunately killing my hands so at the moment I always keep a little tube of Cath Kidston's Rose hand cream tucked away. It smells divine (of my favourite flowers) and is a really handy size.

11) Vaseline

My. Absolute. Saviour. I hate chapped lips and Vaseline has saved mine for years and years. I usually go for the rose tinted version, but after 18 months of endless use it finally ran out. Simple, but oh so effective.

12) Water bottle

As I said, I'm trying to be really healthy at the moment and a big part of this is drinking lots more water. Check out my snazzy, oh so fashionable water bottle...

13) Notebook

I absolutely love my Kate Spade journal. In fact, I just love Kate Spade, period. Each piece has a quirky phrase and the 'Leave Something to the Imagination' seemed perfect  to take around everyday. My friend Anna has an identical one too, saying 'Escape the Ordinary'. I'm only 1/4 of the way through and I'm dreading when the pages finally end!

14) Nail Polish

With the course that I do at university, I spend a lot of time typing up notes or writing essays on my laptop. (Or *cough* procrastinating on the internet/blogging). I have a pet hate for not having my nails painted, (you know I've been having a long day if they're looking scraggly!), and I've found the best way to not have to wait ages for them to dry is to paint them whilst typing. Your fingers do all the work, your nails untouched and free to dry without damage, and you're being productive. Winning!

15) Work

Yep. University means carrying around my laptop (not pictured) and lots of 'fun' history books. Understandably, I usually have a very heavy handbag.

 And there you have it, a little insight into my life in a bag. Fascinating wasn't it?

(And yes, I've been using a Pimms jug as a flower vase. It's by far the best use for the jug when it's not Summer/Pimms O'Clock.)


  1. I love this type of post as I am super nosy! I love nakd bars, I think rhubarb and custard is my favourite with berry delight a close second! I always carry water about too as I won't drink at all if I don't have a bottle close to hand at all times.

    Heather x

  2. I love these kinds of posts! That Mulberry bag is gorgeous and I love the cute notebook too! xx

  3. I love nosey posts :) Love your pics and I'm very jealous of your Mulberry! The Pimm's jug is a great idea for a vase :) x


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