Sunday, November 30

Harrogate Christmas Market

It's been a pretty chaotic week, one full of 'fun' uni stuff and dissertation proposals... But, I've had something to look forward to & keep me going.

My parents ventured up north for a weekend and stayed in what sounds like an incredible hotel in Wensleydale.

On the way back down, they thought it would be nice if I took a day out of Leeds and met them in Harrogate.

Of course. I leapt at the chance.


Wednesday, November 26

Millionaire's Shortbread

I'm back!!! And yes, I'm doing it in fashion.

I've got caramel and chocolate flying all over the shop for this blog post...


Tuesday, November 18

Life Lessons

Well, I think an apology is due.

I'm sorry dear readers, I haven't blogged in what feels like an entity.


Monday, November 3

Ibbs, Eggs & the Abbey

However cheesy this might sound, blogging is a community, (and a tight knit one at that.)

You start following a blog that intrigues you and instantly, you are offered an insight into the life and personal space of somebody else that you have never met. So, it's always a little bit odd when you do meet a blogger that you've been following... You feel as if you know them personally. You know their life details, what they have been up to and their likes/dislikes. It's almost as if you are meeting an old friend!

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