Thursday, October 30

How to Cure a Hangover

After three years of university, I've become a bit of a hangover expert.


Sunday, October 26

Hepworths Deli, Leeds

I've been friends with a girl called Kirsty since my first day of university.

When I arrived with all of my bags, an eager faced and terrified fresher, Kirsty was already sat there on my flat mates bed, nattering away. She's been a constant in my university experience since day 1.

Even though times have changed and so have my friends, Kirsty and I are still close. We always go for lunch dates, complain about our work loads together and are currently planning on going on the ski trip together. (Yes Kirsty, it will be the best week of your life, you have to come!)


Tuesday, October 21

Peanut Butter & Jelly Oat Bars

I think we have all hit that stage. The weather is getting chilly and blustery, all you want to do is snuggle in bed with a steaming cup of tea and thick jumpers are becoming your new winter staple.

If you can't tell from my blog already, I'm a winter girl. I live for cups of piping hot coffee, I have an obscene number of winter coats and my dream holiday is weaving down ski slopes that are thick with fresh powder.

I'm without a doubt a winter baby.


Wednesday, October 15

Cow & Calf, Illkley

Last weekend my fabulous house mate Sophie, (Sniper to all the hockey people), turned 21.

The night before, many a drink was had, many a surprise was sprung on her and many a laugh had.

But we weren't done there. Sophie's mother, Pippa, asked myself and my other house mates to join in on one more little surprise...


Monday, October 13


A couple of weeks ago a little email dropped into my mailbox...

The restaurant chain, Chiquito, asked if I fancied coming down and sampling their brand spanking new menu. How exciting!


Friday, October 3

Varsity '14

There are two events in my beloved hockey calendar that are my some of my favourite moments at university during the year. I even wrote a little last year about this momentous event too...

The hockey ball/alumni weekend is a cracking way to end the season in May, but, there is nothing better than some 'Beckett Bashing' to begin the year with.

This is the day of green vs. purple. This is the day of uni vs. met. This ladies & gentlemen, is Varisity.


Wednesday, October 1

Budget Baking Essentials

One of the questions I get asked a lot is...

"How on earth do you manage to bake at university & on a budget?!"

I'm not going to lie nor pretend, it's actually very simple. I invest, I plan and I know where to splurge.

Lots of my bakes are designed with 'affordable' purse strings in mind, I am a student after all.

So, if you fancy making delicious bakes such as these....

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