Friday, September 26

Carl's Market Wraps, Leeds

This post is without a doubt dedicated to my dear friend Immy, she is currently doing her study a year abroad in Montpellier, France.

The reason I say this is because this beautiful girl is obsessed with pulled pork. Anywhere, any time... If this delicacy is on the menu, she can't help but pick that meaty and BBQ-ed option. It's inevitable.

I instantly thought of her when a rather happy chap called Carl dropped me a tweet a few weeks ago.

He very kindly offered for me to head on over to his stall and to sample his wonderful pulled pork wraps.

Since I've seen his stall a few times on Briggate in Leeds and always been left drooling, I was thrilled to be asked!


Friday, September 19

Burghley Horse Trials, 2014

One of my favourite times of year had come again...

I've been visiting ever since I was a tiny tot...

Once again, it was time to don the Barbour jackets & Dubarry boots for the local horse trials.

Yep. It was Burghley week in Stamford.


Wednesday, September 17

Date & Walnut Banana Bread with Home Made Salted Caramel

'Ello 'ello one and all, I'm back with you!

Apologies for the lack of posts and anything blog related lately. The past few weeks has been a blur of family business, moving into my new student digs and firing balls all over the place at hockey pre season.

But I'm back, I'm with you and I'm finally getting around to replying to comments, posting some new material and generally being present on the world wide web.

I'm planning both a catch up post and also an info post for all of those freshers out there, but in the meantime, I thought you all deserved a bit of food porn on this miserable and wet Wednesday.


Saturday, September 13


So, the last little leg of our French adventure had to end with Cannes. The well known town where Mark Francis was reclining for basically all of the Summer and where they host a rather amazing film festival annually. It's know for its stardom, class and subtle French charm. A day trip was, of course, a necessity.


Saturday, September 6

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Even though I would have loved to lounge in a bikini by the pool for a whole week, that just wasn't an option. We were situated right in between Antibes, Cannes & only a short train ride from Monaco. It would have been a crime to have selfishly sat in the pool all the time.

(I was also pretty tempted with the Monte Carlo stereotype of glamour. Grace Kelly, casinos & super yachts... Yes please!)


Tuesday, September 2

"Mangez. Dormez. Nagez . Répétez "

 I thought it was probably about time to blog about my holiday. It feels like an entity ago by now....

Whilst the weather is chucking it down in England's green & pleasant lands, it is currently 30C and crystal blue skies in the south of France... I think I'm developing seasonal affective disorder. I miss the sun already!

This new illness of mine developed after returning from holiday. My dear friend Anna & I jet setted off to Nice with my family before driving along the Cote d'Azur to the town next door to Cannes, Juan les Pins. Perfectly situated in between Cannes & Monaco, it was such an ace location for a weeks visit.

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