Friday, August 29

Mr Hyde & Tweat Up present "#NationalBurgerDay"

This is a simple story...  One which involving two young, wide eyed girls, mountains of meat and piles of sauce smothered buns.

This, dear readers, is the story of how this....


Tuesday, August 26

Plum Crumble

 Well isn't this weather utterly dreadful?!

I've come back from my recent holiday with serious post-sun depression. As I'm sat here flicking through my sun bleached photos, snuggled in my thickest of blankets, the rain outside is chucking it down. A sunny Bank Holiday?! What. A. Joke.

But, as I'm curled up on the sofa, I'm clutching a piping hot bowl of freshly made crumble. This must be the first day of Autumn.


Thursday, August 14

The Butterfly House

As you might have seen in my Burghley House blog post, I'm pretty good friends with a cracking little blogger called Ibbs.

I mentioned to her that I had some family plans in London a while ago and we couldn't not try to catch up and tie the two together if possible.

Inevitably, where did we meet for lunch? Somewhere that served piled up plates of delicious, fresh sushi of course!


Saturday, August 9

Mini Chai Tea Cakes

SURPRISE!!!!! The blog has had a revamp!


Saturday, August 2

If I could jump on a plane right now...

Ever thought about suddenly packing a bag, jumping in a car and heading off to the airport with absolutely no idea where you are going to go? 

Well, I have... A lot. 

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