Monday, July 28


A few weeks ago I received a charming email inviting me to an event that was sure to get me beach ready this summer.
#CurrysIntroJuicing, (what a clever play on words!), was an opportunity to listen to a nutritional expert, experience a hardcore fitness session and, most importantly, juice our own wacky and healthy post workout smoothies. 
A few texts later with my friend Ibbs and the plans were set in stone. 
When the day finally arrived, we turned up at the snazzy offices in our pristine gym kit to be welcomed by a crowd of other friendly faced bloggers.


Friday, July 25

The Graduate

Any one that follows me on Instagram will know that last week was a rather special one for my family.
The other day, my big brother Ben graduated from Exeter University with a 1st.
What a clever bean!

I thought I would give you a little insight of the day, the glamour of the 'academic dress' and what we got up to as we celebrated.


Monday, July 21


The whole point of this blog for me was to document my university years, look back with pride and happiness at everything within my life and to look forward and appreciate those moments to come. It’s allowed me to appreciate life with a wider lens, a fresh insight and a desire to go out there and do things that I might have otherwise neglected.
You are only young once after all.

Keeping it vague, I had the pleasure of knowing somebody who suffered the dreadful fate of the recent MH17 attack. As perfectly put by one of my good friends, ‘it always happens to the best of us’, and this can’t be a strong enough way to describe this young man who I knew through friends. He touched a wide range of people and the awe worthy legacy he has left behind speaks a thousand words in his favour.

The impact and shock of losing a truly inspirational young man, in any community, puts things into perspective. It makes you realise the vulnerability of life and how your small little life bubble can be easily popped because, shock horror, nothing is set in stone.


Thursday, July 17

Burghley House, Stamford

The other day I was faffing around at home, trying to organise a chaotic week ahead, when an unexpected text message landed in my inbox...
My friend, Ibbs, was in my neck of the woods for a day.
Hell. To. The. Yes.

After a sizeable brunch at the Buttercross in their sunny garden, I was determined to show Ibbs what was on offer in the area.


Saturday, July 12

Byron Burger, Leeds

I saw a tweet a few months back which put a beaming smile onto my pale & freckly face.
The beauty that is Byron Burger was finally opening up it's doors in Leeds.
My favourite burger joint in my favourite city? Ahh... It was just like Christmas!

I drove back up north this weekend to take out some books out from the university library (ohh the joys of the looming 3rd year dissertation..), but on the way back, I stopped off for some lunch with my friend Immy
Since Byron opened only 10 days ago, it would be rude not be take a look at their shiny new baby...


Sunday, July 6

Brown Sugared Peaches & Cream Cake

I'm afraid there isn't really an interesting or jaw dropping story behind this cake.
I came home from work, was home alone, bored and saw a big ol' bowl of fresh peaches...
What else was a girl to do with a free afternoon other than bake?

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