Friday, June 27

Borough Market, London

First thing on Saturday morning, Hattie, Jenny & I awoke still in a food coma after the Taste of London festival.
But did this stop us from going for an enormous brunch? Of course not.
Hattie's currently staying on the other side of the Thames near Bermondsey. It's stunning...Quiet, park lined streets with lots of quirky coffee shops dotted along the way. (Plus I've heard rumours that Eddy Redmayne lives there... Just saying.)


Monday, June 23

Taste of London, Regents Park

On Thursday night I flopped on my sofa and refused to budge.
I'd had a choca blocked week, was seriously in need of a break and what's more my favourite top had just been 'redesigned' by an enthusiastic 2 year old armed with handfuls of sticky rice pudding. (Don't ask.)

But.... All of this chaos was instantly forgotten after a few tweets, some manic phone calls and some spur of the moment decisions (my favourite kind!)
(Big thanks to Lottie & the Duck & Waffle head chef Dan for being a bad influence & persuading me to go at the last minute...)


Thursday, June 19

English Rose Cake

So what happens when a blogger hasn't baked in three whole weeks...?

...Of course, she goes into a mental state of disrepair and bakes an enormous three tiered cake to compensate for all of the empty cake tins haunting her kitchen since.


Sunday, June 8

Leeds Food Fest

My friend Immy & I decided to nip into town in the sunshine for a quick coffee last weekend, little did we know there was an enormous food festival going on right in the centre. 
Yep, the exam bubble had well and truly cut us out of the info circuit.
  Best surprise ever? I think so.
Well here's a little food gallery to show you some of the delicious bits on offer throughout the day...


Sunday, June 1

Boss Burgers, Leeds

This week revision had gotten the best of me. 
I was sat on Friday afternoon, trying to cram my head full of facts on 18thC fertility rates (yay for the Industrial Revolution...), and was failing miserably. My head needed a well earned break and, of course, I took full advantage of the rest. 
Before I knew it, I was bumping and grinding to classic tunes like 'Don't Stop Believing' and 'Timber' downstairs in my university union's best known cheesy night, Fruity Fridays. 
I was loving life once more.
...That was until I woke up the following morning with a thumping headache. Why oh why have I all of a sudden started to develop hangovers?! 
Anyway, both myself and my friend Immy needed a bit of a pick me up this weekend, and so on a spur of the moment decision, we headed off to Boss Burgers.

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