Monday, May 26

Stewed Summer Fruit Tart

Apologies that I have been a little bit AWOL as of lately, one exam down, one more more bugger to go!
I've popped home for the bank holiday weekend for a little bit of a break.
Snuggles with the chocolate Labrador, Sunday roasts and family hugs go down wonders when the library has been feeling like Azkaban as it sucks out your soul.


Sunday, May 18

Dark Chocolate Eclairs

Yesterday I was so sick & so tired revising about the history of bananas, oil and gutta percha gum, (yes, history degrees are more fun than you can believe), that I gave up early and I headed off for some lunch with the hockey girls. 
We sat in the bright sunshine, nattering about our dreaded deadlines and gushing over our desires to hit the sunny Terrace (bar) with multiples pitchers by our sides. I planned to take the afternoon off anyway for a well earned baking break and, of course, at the sheer mention of food the gals were all ears. I told them what I was planning on dishing up, they started laughing about my new nickname of 'cake-sec' (I'm newly on the hockey committee- woo!) and then something that one of the girls said to me struck a chord.

"Oh I wish I could just be born a good baker, I'm simply dreadful at it!"

Well. This I simply don't agree with. 
So here is a little well known known fact....Everyone screws up at baking. 
Yes, even Mary Berry.
It's damn annoying when it goes wrong. I feel like breaking down in tears and binning a badly turned out cake instead of putting it in front of my house mates...Oh the shame of it!! 
But, even though it's disheartening, that's just part of learning the skill and experience. The dreaded  term, 'practise makes perfect' is highly annoying and time consuming, but my gosh is it true. 

I pride my blog on the fact that the recipes on here should be simple, easy to follow and good for people of all skill bases to follow. I try a recipe, multiple times if needed and pop the instructions on here with the tweaks and tips that I found cleared it up a little.
And so today I decided to go outside my comfort zone. 


Monday, May 12

Belgrave Street Feast, Leeds

For the past month or so, I've seen a huge number of my friends in Leeds click 'attending' on a certain Facebook event. For ages I thought nothing of it, putting it to the back of my mind as an irrelevant niggle until finally, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to give the website a little bit of a stalk.
How I had never heard of the Belgrave Music Hall before, I don't know. But oh my gosh, I'm happy that I now have.


Saturday, May 10

Lemon & Yoghurt Cake

I hate the library.
It's too quiet. You can't have coffee inside. You can't make a single murmur without being given the devil eyes by about fifty other people. And worst of all, it makes you realise the mountain of work piled up in front of your eyes that you need to do. (Even though it seems utterly irrelevant and pointless.)
So, when I emerge from my hell hole of a library cluster every night, there are two things on my mind:

Food & Bed. 

Yes, I'm a simple girl.


Tuesday, May 6

Express Yourself

The other week a little email popped into my inbox from a charming man called Alex offering me a 'well deserved break from university'. Anyone who starts an email with "Lovely to e-meet you!" is instantly in my good books, regardless of the rest of the email content.
Anyway, PizzaExpress has just launched its new 'quick, tasty and great value' lunch menu and kindly asked me along to give it a review.
With my house mate Jenny in tow, we skipped on down to Leeds City Centre, giddy with excitement and rumbling stomachs.


Friday, May 2

Cattlegrid, Leeds

Hello, hello, hello.
I'm back again. Apologies.
Whilst I would like to act like my life is currently full of fun & games, the harsh reality is in fact that the month of May= The dreaded exam season.
I'm going to try and not be too distant for the next month (and I've purposefully planned a couple of bits and bobs ahead) in order to make sure that I don't wilt away in the library stacks instead of soaking up some sunlight and blogging.
So to kick start the month, how about some epic, meaty shots to whet your appetites?
Well then, say hello to the beauty that is Cattlegrid.

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