Friday, April 25

Blueberry Burst Muffins

I'm back up in cloudy Leeds, stuck in the library and trying to get the mountains of  Easter work done.
I swear all universities should grant you a joint honours when you graduate,  "BA in.... (& a "Masters in Procrastination")'. As you can tell, work is going marvellously well.
Anyhow, before I drove back up north I whipped up a batch of my favourite muffins to nibble on along the motorway.


Sunday, April 20

Chocolate Puddles

Happy Easter everyone!
I hope that your weekend is being jam packed full of Lindt bunnies, chocolate eggs & buttery hot cross buns.
 Since the torturous Lent is over, I thought that the chocolate absence on the blog should probably be corrected. Alleluia. It is finally time to smother these viral pages in fifty shades of dark, milk and white. 


Thursday, April 17

Spell of Sunshine

This week the sun has been out in full force, shining bright and giving gingers like myself some rather questionable burn marks.
So as a little bit of sun celebration, I thought I'd share with you all some little snapshots of my countryside living.


Monday, April 14

Health Kick Flapjacks

The first thing that was fluttering through my mind after coming back from skiing was the word, 'detox'. A major, major health, sleep and well being kick was needed to get me back in shape.
(After a whole semester of university and a pretty full on week, it was safe to say that I arrived home basically dead on my legs.)
Hitting up the gym most days, sleeping for at least 9 hours a night in my big squishy bed and having my mum cook hearty meals is slowly but surely working its magic.
I'm on the road to recovery!


Friday, April 11

Simple Soda Bread

The weekend is on its way, Spring is upon us and the sun is shining.


Wednesday, April 9

Val Thorens '14: Part 2

With my week of "eat, ski, rave, repeat" going on nicely, I thought I'd show you a couple more little snap shots of what we got up to.
(I'm having serious withdrawal symptoms if you haven't already guessed.)


Sunday, April 6

Val Thorens '14: Part 1

Anyone who follows me on Instagram will know that I've been on a little holiday this week.
(Possibly the best week away I've ever had in fact!)
I finished university on the Friday and hopped onto the bus, laden with heavy suitcases, thick jumpers and cider for the 24hour drive to Val Thorens, France. Yep, that is right, it was ski trip time!

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