Wednesday, March 26

Hazelnut Streusel Bread

Shock horror... I've been baking again.
I know, I know. I'm probably not helping many Lent attempts right now, but I did make a compromise today to accommodate the non-chocolate eaters out there.
This Hazelnut Streusel Bread is one of my favourites. It's a little bit like a banana bread in texture, but with added crumbly-ness on top.
Usually I would add a couple of handfuls of dark chocolate chips to really compliment the nutty nature of this loaf, (think molten Nutella), but since my taste testers are attempting Lent, I felt compelled to omit my favourite addition.


Saturday, March 22

A Buttercross House Breakfast

Even though my university term is breaking up for Easter in a week, I had to pop home this weekend to pick up some bits and bobs. (Just you wait for the surprise for as to why!)
It was just a quick stop off involving car MOT's, signing the delightful tax returns and of course, snuggling up with my chocolate bear.


Monday, March 17

Chocolate Guinness Cake

Woo! Happy Saint Patrick's Day everybody!
I'm actually a big fan of celebrating this Guinness filled day as I'm a Dublin born girl and part Irish. (It's also a great excuse for the source of my typically Irish red hair!)
So in order to celebrate, not only am I heading out later on tonight to sip on a few pints of frothy Guinness, but I have also baked the most delicious of Irish inspired cakes.


Saturday, March 15

The Six Nations: England vs. Wales

I've grown up in a family where the sport of rugby is everything.
It was always the talk around the dinner table, the England matches were never ones to be missed and my big brother was part of the highly successful 1stXI at school. (So much so they even got to the finals of the national tournament at Twickenham itself!)

So, imagine my joy when my dearest father rang me up and offered me a ticket to the grudge match of the Six Nations.
England vs. Wales, potentially the deciding match and one which features a rivalry second to none.

The term '2nd Christmas' puts my excitement into some perspective!

Much to the envy of all of my friends, I hopped on the train down to London, donning my England shirt and headed off into the sunshine at Twickenham.


Thursday, March 13

White Chocolate & Granola Cookies

I think I've done rather well to avoid procrasti-baking for this long.
The essays are (there are no other words), hell, and my motivation is slowly dying along with my social life.
But it isn't all doom & gloom as the end, holidays and a social life are in sight.

Anyway, to stop me from going crazy, I made these little beauties this week to smuggle into the library for constant pick-me-ups.


Sunday, March 9

The Country Retreat, Part II

So, where did I leave you hanging at the end of my first blog post, deep in the countryside??
Oh yep. That's right. I just showed off with pride my EPIC full English breakfast that went down a treat.
Even though I could have probably added this bit onto my last post, I've decided to give it one of its own.
It didn't deserve to be a sideshow for the amazing farm shop, this aspect of my trip was definitely a centre piece all in itself!
But sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself here... Back to brunch.

After we had demolished one heck of a full English & tidied everything away, I set about taking a couple of snaps of Piers' incredible home.
Here's a little insight into our amazing lodgings for the night...


Thursday, March 6

The Country Retreat, Part I

A few weeks ago a little Facebook invite popped onto my newsfeed. My housemate next year, Piers, lives only an hour or so from Leeds and asked if a few of us would like to jump in a car and escape into the countryside before the onslaught of essay deadlines began.
Before I had even clicked attending, I already had the Dubarry boots, fur headband and Barbour packed up and ready to roll.
I am a country girl after all.


Tuesday, March 4

Pancake Day

So, yes.
I'm a terrible blogger.
If you haven't already noticed, food is a huge part of this tiny slice of the internet and *shock horror*, I do not have a new recipe for you on Pancake Day.
I know. Winge, winge, moan, moan... I'm a complete failure of a blogger and have prioritised readings on the global history of bananas. (Yes...Sodding bananas), over some food photography.

Instead, I thought I would point you in the right direction for some flipping fun of your own:

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