Wednesday, February 26

Instagram Catch Up

Apologies in advance.
The blog may be a little bit quieter than usual for a week or two as life is currently jam packed with assessment centres & history essays. (Yay!)
Of course this probably means that there will be a ridiculous amount of procrasti-baking to follow, but before I roar up the heat of the ovens, here's a little update in my Instagram feed.


Saturday, February 22

Raspberry & White Chocolate Cake

Guess who has been baking again!?
Shock horror I know.


Tuesday, February 18


After an incredible birthday night out at Fruity, Jenny, Hattie, Briony, Anna & myself snuggled down in bed for a couple of hours kip.
With our stomachs grumbling when we finally awoke in the morning *cough* I mean afternoon... We set out on the hunt of a decent lunch.


Sunday, February 16

A Valentines Birthday

On Friday morning I awoke bright eyed and bushy haired.
After eventually unwrapping myself from my thick duvet nest, I clambered out of my bed, made myself a cup of tea and eagerly opened the pile of cards on my bedside table that I had been eyeing up for the past two days.

Yep, that is right. The big day had finally arrived and I was no longer a teenager.
Hello the big 2-0.


Thursday, February 13

Love Struck Jammy Dodgers

Ahhh Valentines Day.
I'm getting in the spirit already!
No, my Valentines Day will not be filled full of shimmering red roses and delicious chocolates, instead it will be choca-blocked with birthday cards and champagne.
(I'm not complaining at all.)


Monday, February 10

Duck & Waffle, London

On Valentines Day, I am turning 20 years old.
Yep, that's right, the teenage years are soon to be behind me and I can no longer pretend that adulthood is just a distant dream.
I'm fully intending to milk my birthday celebrations as much as possible (it is only one day out of 365 after all), and this weekend has been the perfect kick start.

I've heard about the Duck & Waffle continuously in the blogging world, its reputation seriously precedes itself and all I've heard is the highest of praise.
Of course, when my parents asked if I would like to visit for an early birthday treat, I leapt at the chance.


Saturday, February 8

Swirled Peanut Butter Brownies

I was never going to blog this recipe.
Don't get me wrong, it is the filthiest, most delicious and most addictive of bakes... But it all came along as a wacky play around with my favourite flavours on a rather depressing day. (You know the ones where all you want is a steaming cuppa, a thick wedge of cake and bed.)


Monday, February 3

Upside Down Plum Cake

I could make multiple innuendoes right now.
(All involving some juicy, ripe little plums.)
But instead, I'm going to be rather mature and not giggle at them, their juiciness, nor their squidginess.

...I'm resisting hard.

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