Monday, December 30

Another Year Gone...
 (Image sourced on Pinterest- If anyone knows the source, let me know & I will credit it.)


Saturday, December 28

Christmas Day

Another year, another Christmas.
I hope everyone had an absolute cracker and you're all still suffering from a ridiculous food coma (I certainly am!)
More of a picture post today, but I thought I would share just a couple of snaps from the best day of the year.

In one of our family's Christmas traditions, the brandy was whacked out and the mince pies scoffed on Christmas Eve, (followed by the new tradition of cheesy Christmas jumpers!)


Wednesday, December 25

Christmas Gingerbread

I hope you all have a smashing day stuffing yourselves full of turkey, singing carols and snuggling on the sofa watching the Queen's speech!

And my Christmas present to you all?

Well, it can't be 'My Gingerbread Journey's' first ever Christmas without gingerbread men could it?!


Monday, December 23

Its Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas...

Yes my charming readers, it is only 24 hours and counting until we all head off to bed before the big day!
It has been a little bit hectic at home trying to get everything ready in time, so I thought I would quickly show you what I've been up to for the past few days.


Wednesday, December 18

Christmas Spiced Biscotti

Anyone who knows me knows that I love coffee, in fact I'm a bit of a coffee snob. 
After working in a coffee house for years, smelling the sweet taste of freshly ground coffee beans makes cheap instant coffee taste like garden dirt.
With hours of revision already beginning for some horrific exams looming in January, the coffee is flowing out of the cafetiere at a steady rate.
Of course, I need something to dunk in my steaming mug for a cheeky treat and I've found the perfect Christmas solution to keep the festive spirits up!


Monday, December 16

Home For Christmas

My last lecture has ended, my final piece of work handed in and all of those loose ends snugly tucked away.
Yes ladies & gents... It is Christmas time and that means one thing: Home.
Hoorah! Home time could not come soon enough.

But before I headed off home for three weeks of solid revision, comfort food and a slobbering chocolate Labrador, Immy and I decided to visit the Christmas market for one final time.


Thursday, December 12

The Ultimate Chocolate Fudge Cake

I'm going to be blunt.
This is the best chocolate fudge cake in existence.
End of.


Sunday, December 8

Leeds German Christkindelmarkt

The Christmas spirit is taking over. My endless collection of Christmas jumpers are being worn religiously, I'm on my sixth batch of mince pies and the present panic buying is beginning.
One thing is missing though...
In Leeds, it isn't Christmas until the Bratwurst sausages are munched, the steins seen off and the caramelised nuts nibbled.
Yes, it is German Christmas Market time!


Friday, December 6

Lazy Day Mince Pies

For my first Christmas recipe, I simply had to whip up a batch of mince pies. It would be a sin against mincemeat and all things sweet to neglect the craving that is building rapidly in my student house.
(Apparently the way to the hearts of the seven hungover boys is in fact through mince pies...Who knew?!)


Tuesday, December 3

Down at the Docks

This weekend I hopped on a train to Liverpool to give my good friend Pip a well earned visit. We had ooh-ed and ahhh-ed for over a year of when the best time would be; finally we found a gap when we both could miss our hockey matches and have a jolly good catch up.

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