Friday, November 29

Trinity Kitchen: Pho

Christmas is coming.
I am officially declaring it time to deck the halls, sing some carols and make up a steaming batch of buttery mince pies (recipe in the works!)
As you might have seen from one of my last posts, Anna is a jolly good friend of mine and she showed me an incredible weekend in Durham last week.
I'm a girl of equalities and I thought it only fair to repay the favour, Leeds style.


Monday, November 25

White Chocolate & Cranberry Tiffin

Once again, today was a hockey day. One heck of a hockey day.
Last week I made my "Heaven Sent Brownies" for my hockey team as we had a big game ahead and I was more than willing to bribe them with cake in an attempt to get a few more crucial goals.
This idea worked so well that I just had to bribe them again with another cheeky delight.


Friday, November 22

Durham: Flat White

After only a couple of hours sleep, Anna and I groggily awoke, peaking out from under a snuggly mountain of duvets. The rumbling of our stomachs and the bright light stretching through the window were clear signs that yes, it was time to get up and move about.


Tuesday, November 19

'Durham' Roll Please...


Ladies and gentlemen, I've finally handed in my crucial history essays after weeks and weeks of work, and yes my little cherubs, I am neglecting the blog and yourselves no longer.
I'm all yours for the picking and have some cracking posts (increasingly festive ones), coming your way!
So how shall I kick off my new found freedom?
Well whilst drowning under piles of Tudor textbooks in the darkest depths of the library, my friend Anna was having a bit a dodgy week too. Both of us needed a comforting hug, a good friend and a strong cocktail.
And so, just like that, I clambered onto a train (sadly with the textbooks in tow), and trundled off to the stunning city of Durham for a 24hr escape from life in Leeds.
Spontaneous trips are always the best after all!


Tuesday, November 12

Heaven- Sent Brownies

Last week my hockey team found out that I have a blog and inevitably they are now demanding baked treats left, right and centre.
I wanted to make a good impression and so I picked out the best possible solution to wow each and everyone of them.
These brownies are insanely gooey, chocolately and always tick every single box possible.


Saturday, November 9

Hot Diggety Dogs

Man cannot live on cake alone.
One can damn well try...but even a complete bake-aholic like myself needs more sustenance than carrot cake and brownies.
With the weather turning icy, comfort food is becoming more of a necessity than a pleasure, so when I found this recipe on BBC Good Food I could not resist giving it a go.


Wednesday, November 6

Remember Remember the 5th November...

Did everyone have a good Bonfire night last night?
I certainly did!
Having being able to hear fireworks from all over Leeds throughout the week, it was finally time to have a bonfire night of our own!


Monday, November 4

Halloween Horrors

This Halloween was a rather special one.
My flat mate Jenny has the glorious birthday of the 2nd November, but because she was being whisked off to London for some family birthday celebrations, we decided to have a party a couple of days earlier.

Now what is a birthday without a cake?! It isn't one, let's be honest!
And so, good friend that I am, I woke up bright and early to create this Halloween inspired bake just for her.

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