Sunday, September 22

Cake & Bake Show, London

About three weeks ago I was sat on the sofa, snuggled with a steaming cup of English breakfast tea and stalking Blog Lovin' to catch up with the latest posts.
I've followed Rachel Phipps blog for just over a year, seen her LA & English adventures along the way and oohed and ahhhed at her incredible blog. On this particular day, Rachel just happened to post a little competition that caught my eye with the words "Cake" & "Bake"... Inevitably I couldn't help but apply when those two magical words were mentioned!
After gushing about my new favourite cook book for a good 10 lines or so, I got on with my day and forgot about it completely....Until a week later when I received an email from Rachel saying that I had won.

Since I never win a thing, I was beyond chuffed and decided to take full advantage of the prize which was two tickets on any day to the Cake & Bake Show in London. I invited my Mother for a girls day out as in a few days I'm 'abandoning' her for a few months to head back off to university, (I'm twitching with excitement already!)

So, on a lazy Sunday morning my Mother and I clambered onto the train clutching some strong caffeine kicks and headed off to Earls Court in London.

Instantly upon arriving Cadbury's decided to serenade the guests with sweet violins and melodies. A rather elegant start to such a hectic and busy show ground!

The big name brands were all there from Betty Crocker to Dr. Oetker, but we much preferred having a gander at the small and independent stalls.

Such as batman sculptures made out of chocolate...

Delicious fudge...

Cakes shaped as crowns...

And the most incredible pop up bakery ever created! I mean, just check out this food porn of bread and baked goods... It has me drooling just thinking about it all over again!

The spelt croissants took our fancy and within a minute I was happily chomping on the buttery pastry with crumbs all around my face.

After having a look at one of the stalls, I realised my Mother had disappeared. And where did I find her?
Only going and having a massage!

Of course, I couldn't help but join in on this!

We even eaves dropped on a couple of shows, including the incredible John Whaite who was making some delicious breads before our eyes.

From stall to stall we gandered until we ventured upon this rather special cake... Yes. That is HRH Elizabeth II (and her corgi) as a cake.
Those are some crazy decorating skills right there!

But this cake was my favourite from the whole show, I tried to beg my Mother to let me have one for my 21st but it was to no avail.
Yes, that is one hell of a cake in a giant cocktail glass, lit up like a Christmas tree, and surrounded by cocktail inspired treats.

Shot classes filled up with individual sweet treats and classic cocktail cupcakes (all infused with booze of course.)

We even spotted a celebrity or two including the present Great British Bake Off team, (plus Ruby on the tube!)...

And Luisa Zissman from the Apprentice too.

Since the photos are all a little random since it was a fair of stalls, here's the rest of the afternoon in a picture diary:
I found the stall of my favourite bakery in London, the Primrose Bakery (check out their book, it is honestly epic!).

Saw a couple of 'unique' cakes to say the least...

We checked out the Bonne Maman stand and bought some giant sized jars.

Nibbled on some jammy dodger cupcakes...

And finally adored the decoration of spoons as signs on the bon bon cake.

The Cake & Bake show itself was great in the morning, but it was quite commercial inside. If you are a baker with a business then it is beyond great as its chocka-blocked with packaging and special tins.
However, maybe it was because it was a weekend but by the afternoon you could hardly walk up the aisles as it was so busy!
Mum & I therefore gave up and decided a cup of tea was the only remedy to our aching feet.
Luckily, we know a rather delightful place in Piccadily that would do just the trick...

The Parlour at Fortnum & Mason is absolutely charming.
If you are after a classic English afternoon tea, a mountain of an ice cream sundae or a high quality and delicious nibble, then this spot hits the nail on the head.

With two fine English breakfast teas we both popped our aching feet up for a good hour and chatted about the pre university prep whilst we waited for our lunch.
I plumped for the Swiss Mushroom Melt (Sautéed mushrooms with emmental cheese and herbs on light rye bread) which was beyond perfect.
Simple molten cheesy bliss!

Mum on the other hand chose their Welsh Rarebit on Toasted Crumpets with tomato chutney. I wish I had chosen this instead as the chutney alone was incredibly moreish!

As we reluctantly pulled ourselves out of the squishy seats to head off back to Kings Cross, we quickly had a gander around Fortnum & Mason where I might have possibly found my favourite card stall of all time.

Quintessential British inspired cards stamped in front of your eyes with a vintage press?
Oh Fortnum know how to do it well!

But after ooohhing and ahhhing at the vast range of fine teas, china and top quality food & produce, my Mother and I set off for the long train journey home.

Such a busy day in London that was constantly on the go, but sitting down and having the day with just my Mum and I was the perk of the whole day.
Sometimes you just need a bit of Mother & daughter time after all, it always amazes me how similar we actually are...
(If you are heading over to London definitely have a gander in Fortnum & Mason, the grandness of the store is in itself worth a visit!)
Once again a big thank you to Rachel for the Cake & Bake Show tickets- you really made both of our days!


  1. Drooling over your post as per usual! Looks like a lovely day out!

    Katie <3

  2. I love those beautiful butterfly macaroons.

    What a fab day out!

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

  3. Congratulations for your well-deserved win! Just staring at the photos makes me all the more very very hungry now! :)

    REAlity Bites

    1. I know... I swear the photos alone make me gain like a stone! x

  4. Wow!! Well done on winning that's so good! Everything there looks amazing and I can't believe you saw Ruby, she's one of my favourites on the show!xx

  5. That corgi cake looks amazing! Ever since the little spoof involving the corgis as part of the Olympic Opening Ceremony I've had a major soft spot for corgis. Also, I looooove Fortnum & Mason. It's one of my favourite shops in the whole world!

    Lucy x The New Northerner

    1. Snap! The opening ceremony had me cracking up, especially with the article recently about the Queen feeding them gravy herself?! Brilliant! xx

  6. Ahh I'm so glad you won!! I saw when she posted the competition and was wondering who would win.. loved reading how it went! and I can't believe you saw Ruby, she is definitely my favourite!
    Such lovely mother & daughter time =)

    Teffy Xx

    1. I have a feeling she might win.. She's on a roll! xx

  7. what a nice dessert fair! i wish Malaysia will have it soon.

  8. Em, you tease.
    This looks like our heaven! Perfect place for a blogger's day out methinks?
    Lottie xx

    1. I do try Lottie! Course, maybe the Good Food Show? That's epic! x

  9. wow, that batman chocolate is increible! i wish i had talents like that haha!


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  11. I feel like I've just gone up a dress size after flicking through all your pictures.
    Such a lovely day for you and Mummy R, I'm sure you'll be sorely missed this term
    x x x

    {The Lobster & Me}

    1. Tell me about it, I think I gained a stone in a day! xx

  12. That cocktail cake looks amazing, that would be the best birthday/event cake. I would have loved to have gone to this show but i would have spent all my time stuffing my face with cake, bread and pastries though! F&M is such a lovely shop too!



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