Monday, September 30

Mocha Traybake

The baking is back!
After a full week of settling in and a good five bakes later, I'm slowly working out how to tame our dodgy student oven and get back to blogging.
*Sighs of relief all around*.


Friday, September 27

A Little Life Update

Now folks, I'm sorry to have to tell you all that I've been struggling lately.
You see, this week I've had the joy of moving into a 9 bed house with seven guys & my friend Jenny, as well as having the task of surviving Freshers Week.
So I'm not going to lie, amidst some pretty brutal hangovers, introductory lectures (Yes Mum, I 'definitely' am going to all of these), and cracking on with some house 'bonding', I've basically had no time at all to blog.
(I also highly doubt some of the recent antics that we've been up to are internet worthy!)


Wednesday, September 25

Oh My Apple Pie

Usually I would write a slight spiel at the top of each blog post to set the scene a bit... But not today, I'm just going to let these first few photos sink in first!
(Torture I know!)


Sunday, September 22

Cake & Bake Show, London

About three weeks ago I was sat on the sofa, snuggled with a steaming cup of English breakfast tea and stalking Blog Lovin' to catch up with the latest posts.
I've followed Rachel Phipps blog for just over a year, seen her LA & English adventures along the way and oohed and ahhhed at her incredible blog. On this particular day, Rachel just happened to post a little competition that caught my eye with the words "Cake" & "Bake"... Inevitably I couldn't help but apply when those two magical words were mentioned!
After gushing about my new favourite cook book for a good 10 lines or so, I got on with my day and forgot about it completely....Until a week later when I received an email from Rachel saying that I had won.

Since I never win a thing, I was beyond chuffed and decided to take full advantage of the prize which was two tickets on any day to the Cake & Bake Show in London. I invited my Mother for a girls day out as in a few days I'm 'abandoning' her for a few months to head back off to university, (I'm twitching with excitement already!)

So, on a lazy Sunday morning my Mother and I clambered onto the train clutching some strong caffeine kicks and headed off to Earls Court in London.


Wednesday, September 18

Hummingbird Cake

For the past three weeks I've once again been working at the local junior school as a boarding house parent. Even though I absolutely adore the work that I've been doing, not only is it rather stressful, but I've also been deprived of nuts!
Since a couple of the children have severe nut allergies this means no walnuts, pecans, (and worse of all...) peanut butter whilst on the job. (My friend Abby is particularly struggling from Snickers withdrawal symptoms!)


Monday, September 16

D.I.Y Chalkboards

It has been a long, jam packed Summer but sadly all good things must come to an end.
The winter winds are lurking, children are back at school & university is beckoning me back up north to Leeds.
Hasn't it all come around so quickly?!


Friday, September 13

Mini Lemon Meringue Pies

As you might have seen, the Great British Bake Off theme this week was tarts & pies.
I'm not going to lie on this one, pastry is definitely not my strength.
Even though making your own is good fun, I'm not ashamed to say that the pre made packs are usually a frequent flyer in my fridge.
But today I sucked up my pride, brandished my spatula, and got stuck in to some pastry prepping practise.


Tuesday, September 10

Burghley Horse Trials 2013

I consider myself to be very lucky. For the past 10 years I have lived only a couple of miles from the most delightful of historic English towns.
In fact, Stamford was voted by The Sunday Times as the 'Best Place To Live In Britain: 2013', and if you ever come across this absolute gem of a town you will without a doubt see as to why.


Sunday, September 8

Terry's Treats

This week on the Great British Bake Off the challenge was desserts.
Now if you haven't realised from my blog already, I make a lot of desserts- and I mean a lot.
So, in an attempt to meet my weekly challenge of matching the Bake Off's themes, I came up with a twist of one of my classics in the kitchen.


Tuesday, September 3

Blueberry & Sour Cream Cake

Brain food, energy food & a scrumptious summer snack. Whilst these little bubbles of blue are still relatively cheap in the supermarkets, I decided to whip up one of my favourite but oh-so simple cakes.
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