Friday, August 30

Stepping Stones

The sun was shining, I had a few days off of work after a hectic bank holiday, & I hadn't seen my good friend Anna is way too long for my liking.


Wednesday, August 28

Swirled Cinnamon Buns

My baking addition has reached fever pitch.
I'm dying to apply for the next series of the Great British Bake Off and as a result, my house is now constantly smelling of some sort of freshly baked good.
I just find baking so relaxing, theraputic, and rewarding. Not only do I simply adore making the delicious delights, but my heart does little cartwheels when I see the glee on my taste testers faces with each bite.


Sunday, August 25

Chocolate Chess Cake

Do you like chocolate? Do you even love chocolate?
Would you say that you are a teeny, tiny fan of the cocoa bean?
Well then, today you are in for a treat!


Thursday, August 22

Florida: Disney's Magic Kingdom

It is time for the finale.
I've saved the best of my Florida posts for last.
Florida is famous for one thing, and Orlando in particular. I didn't fly eight and a half hours across the pond to not see Mickey Mouse, ride some incredible roller coasters, and "believe in my dreams" to quote the brilliant Walt Disney.


Sunday, August 18

Florida: Manny's

I have to admit, I'm a picky blogger. I will only write a post if I am 100% convinced that it is worth talking about and is something I passionately feel about.
From my recent Florida holiday there were so many wonderful experiences that I wish I could share with you all. It was without a doubt a time that I will never forget. But instead of bothering you all with every single wonderful adventure on each day, I'm only going to display the 'crème de la crème' moments. The ones which to me really did stand out.

This is where Manny's comes in.


Friday, August 16

Florida: Universal Studios

As you may have seen from my last post, our first day in Orlando was pretty jam packed in the water waves of Sea World. We were soaked, splashed, and shattered before we arrived back in our villa.
But, the next day was a rather different day.
Instead of petting slippery skins, we were going to have the adrenaline rush of a lifetime.


Tuesday, August 13

Florida: Sea World

After flying on from Washington DC, my family and I eventually landed in our final destination. We trundled from the airport and were instantly hit by a wall of solid heat. The humidity was smothering, and oh my, we didn't half know that we were in the Sunshine State!

AKA...Orlando, Florida!


Sunday, August 11

The America Trip: Washington DC

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know already that I'm on holiday. (Hoo-rah!)
After working my socks off through June & July while my friends where all whisked off to Thailand, Turkey, or even just the beauty of Devon, I've been waiting ever so patiently for my time to come.
I finished my last shift at work, packed up all of my shorts, flipflops and suncream, and fell asleep knowing that I had a 3am wake up call.
It was holiday time!
And where were my family and I heading to?
Well our first stop was none other than... Washington DC in the big old United States of America!


Thursday, August 8

Caribbean Banana, Rum & Raisin Muffins

The ultimate breakfast treat or mid afternoon nibble.
Designed to suit your aching sweet tooth or to power you through a hard days work, it is hard to resist their golden brown and crumbly topping on even the most angelic of days.

Tuesday, August 6

Paris, 4: Candles, Crepes, & Coffee

After spending a couple of jam packed and unforgetable days in Paris with Anna & Kathy, our last day sadly sprung upon us quicker than we would have liked.
Since we were embarking upon the Eurostar to London in the late afternoon, we had the whole morning and lunch to explore.

Sunday, August 4

Paris, 3: Arcs, Avenues & Art

After all of the joys of Versailles on our first day, we decided that it was finally time to see the heart of Paris.
We began our day bright and early, at the stunning Arc de Triomphe on the famous Champs Elysées.


Thursday, August 1

Paris, 2: Royalty, Clocks & Locks

In my first post of Paris, I promised you that we had something 'special' planned for our first day.
And, well, I do hate to disappoint!

Having awoken at the crack of dawn, we quickly got changed in our sweaty, little hotel room and headed downstairs for some fresh croissants and baguettes for breakfast.
We knew that we needed to leave early as we had three metro trips, a train journey, and a lot of tourists to arrive before.

So where exactly is this mysterious place that we heading to?

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