Wednesday, July 31

Paris, 1: "Allo Allo..."

After months of waiting and planning, the day was finally here.
This was the day that my two friends Kathy, Anna & I boarded the train to St Pancreas Int, London for our trip to Paris.
With our jam-packed bags in tow, we trundled up the stairs to our Eurostar train, destined for the Gare du Nord.

Monday, July 29

Best British Scones

When I was younger, one of the many perks in having my Grandmother over to stay with us was her scones. Inevitably with each visit, a batch of delicious, sweet smelling scones would be delivered and fill the house with their succulent scent.


Friday, July 26

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

This weekend I returned to London for the third weekend in a row for a very special date.
A bloggers date to be precise.


Tuesday, July 23

Strawberry & Rhubarb Crumble

If you have not noticed already, I am very much so your typical Brit.

I live off English Breakfast Tea.
I apologise even when it is not my error out of politeness.
I adore classic sports: rugby, cricket, rowing, (crochet?)
Pimms picnics are my perfect idea of a day in the garden.
I'm more than proud of our historical background, the royal family, and the past generations. (A typical University history student speaking there!)

...And, also I'm an absolute sucker for any kind of British food.


Sunday, July 21

The London Weekend: The Color Run

Today was my last day in London before heading back to the countryside.
The heatwave was still thriving at a sweaty 30C, and it was a bright sunny day in the Big Smoke.
So, in such boiling weather, what better way to spend the day than doing a 5km run for charity?!

Friday, July 19

The London Weekend: Ascot

After beefing up on burgers at Byron the night before, we awoke bright and early for a rather special occasion.
A hat occasion to be precise!
Today, Jenny, Katie, Pip and I were heading to Ascot for a day at the races.
The preening and pampering began, the fascinators were donned, and the high heels slipped on... Only to then go onto the London Underground.
As you can imagine, embarking on the tube in full dress whilst suffering in 30C heat, we did receive a few odd looks.


Wednesday, July 17

The London Weekend: Byron Burger

So this weekend was truly incredible.
A three day stint that I will never forget.
My friend Jenny is doing work experience in London, and so Pip, Katie and I set off for the big smoke to stay in her flat for a few days.
All was going well, we got on the train with only a 45 minute journey ahead...


Monday, July 15

Blueberry & Raspberry Lime Drizzle

There is nothing quite like a drizzle cake.
That crunchy, sweet, sugar topping compliments the soft sponge beneath perfectly.
So why not spice this delicious classic up a bit?


Wednesday, July 10

The Man That Beat The Bake Off

A few weeks ago whilst buried under mountains of historical books, I had a revision relapse and ended up on facebook, twitter, and blogger (surprise, surprise).
Here I found an event which I could not refuse. Even though it stretched my sparse student funds, I knew that I would regret missing this rare opportunity and it was something to look forward to with exams on the horizon.
Finally after weeks of waiting, the big day arrived. I had the delight of going to a masterclass run by the one and only John Whaite, winner of the Great British Bake Off 2012.
Yes, I was making macaroons with the master himself.
Excited was an massive understatement!


Sunday, July 7

Baked Raspberry & White Chocolate Cheesecake


Thursday, July 4

Henley Royal Regatta

I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a few days. I feel like I've been left, right, and centre lately and never really had the chance to properly sit down and type.
I finished my job at the junior school this week which was definitely an experience I will never forget and surprising one I already miss, but on a positive note, this means I once again have some freedom with my time!
And boy, oh boy, do I have a treat for you today.
Good things come to those who wait, and my friends you have definitely waited long enough!

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