Saturday, June 29

A Stripped Down Tart


It is that classic Sunday night situation.
You are dying for a homey dessert to settle those stomach rumblings but are short of time, ingredients, and motivation.
A quick fix is needed, and luckily I have a simple, skinny, cheats solution.

Thursday, June 27

June Top Ten

So what exactly have I been eyeing up this month? 
Which little splendours have I been craving?
And which cheeky websites caught my eye...?

Well here is an insight into my June Top Ten bits and bobs!


Tuesday, June 25

Rose, Pistachio & Raspberry Cake

Recently I've grown ever so slightly obsessed with the idea of a British, quintessential afternoon tea.
There is something just so beautiful, quaint, and classy about its charm!
And if there is one thing that can't help but I love, it is to express my English heritage and its charm with pride and elegance.
Queue tea time!


Sunday, June 23

The Exeter Arms

At this exact moment, I am snuggled on my sofa for the first time this whole week.
Simply relaxing, blogging, and sipping a steaming cup of fine English tea.
I have nearly finished a month long job working as a boarding house parent at a local junior school which has been an experience I will never forget.
On a daily basis I am cooking, caring, washing, and generally being a stand in 'mother' who lives on site to care for these little darlings day and night.
Whilst I adore this job, it is very hard work and mentally tiring as you always have to listen and be on the ball.
Since my parents have likewise been rushed off their feet all week, my Dad offered to take us out for dinner as a well earned treat.


Thursday, June 20

Skinny Summers Skewers

Now apparently we are in the middle of Summer, (except at the moment the weather would have you believe that it has not yet even hit Spring!)
But this rather puzzling weather mishap doesn't mean that the Summer spirit has to suffer!


Tuesday, June 18


This weekend for Father's Day, I ended up going on a spontaneous trip to York. I had originally pictured my Sunday morning lazing around, making my Dad a proper full English with all the trimmings, and sipping on a piping hot cup of coffee.


Sunday, June 16

Lemon and Passion Fruit Cupcakes

Last week the mother and I journeyed to Cambridge for a bit of a lazy Sunday shopping spree. After weeks of wistful thinking and student budgeting, this time I could finally hit the shops and treat myself after all that horrific exam stress.

Friday, June 14

Castle Cottage Cafe

Summer. It is meant to be a time where you can sit in the garden, sipping Pimms, and building up that golden glow of a tan.


Wednesday, June 12

Fresher Survival

So you are close to finishing school, university is looming on the horizon, and you can feel the electricity of change fizzing in the air.
The prospect of this at some point or another is utterly terrifying. I know how daunting this can be; packing up all of your belongings, saying goodbye to your family, and journeying off to an unknown, grown up place all of a sudden.
Questions begin to flood your mind: 
"Am I ready?! What if it is hell!? What if I don't like my flat mates?!"


Monday, June 10

A Cry For Help!

Now usually I do not do this kind of thing.
But today ladies and gentlemen, I am begging.
I am making a heart felt plee!

I need your help.

As you might have seen from my past post about hockey, the Leeds Uni Hockey club is a big part of my student life.
It is by no means just about the socials, the game, or the sport itself.
The club helps the local community, builds friendships, and raises a ridiculous amount of money for charity.
Because of this, it was named Society of the Year by the Leeds University Union over the other 250+ clubs. (You can tell we are just a bit proud!)


Sunday, June 9

Instagram Montage

Round two of a bit of Insta-jammin'!
Here's a little insight into my life through the eyes of my (smashed) iphone screen...


Friday, June 7

Pimpin' Up Your Cover

And now for something completely different...

One thing you might not know about me is that I love Textiles.  
Not like, but love.
When faced with choosing my A Levels, the careers department at my school tried to tell me that in order to study History at the highest universities, I had to pick only the strongest academic subjects.
Apparently art can be frowned upon at some universities and would have inhibited my chances of acceptance on such a competitive course.
Whilst they were pretty insistent, I ignored this advice. 


Wednesday, June 5

Skinny Strawberry Ice Cream

Ice cream.
The classic, creamy, refreshing summer staple.
99 Flakes, Cornettos, Raspberry Ripple.... You name it, everyone has their favourite flavour to tingle their taste buds!
Sadly for those on a diet, ice cream is not the most friendly food for your thighs.
But for everyone out there watching those pesky pounds, you do not need to miss out on this flavoursome fun!


Monday, June 3

No Longer Feeling So Fresh

All university exams in Leeds are now done. Finished. Finito... Finally!
As you recently saw, I celebrated with my epic burger first and foremost, but thankfully, I was still a 'Fresher' for a couple more hours.
Before returning home to the calm, quiet countryside, it was time to literally 'Go hard before going home!' 
Two nights of a 'Double Day Exam Slam' to give it that final bit of bump and grind. 
Challenge accepted.

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