Wednesday, May 15

Polar FT4 Fitness Watch

Exam stress is building, the pressure to have that ultimate beach body is mounting, and the ways to procrastinate are becoming desperate.
I've been hitting the gym a lot lately to counteract the revision comfort eating and to release stress. Even though it is probably better to decide a workouts success based on stamina, I base mine and like to know how much I burn.

This is why I have treated myself to this new baby.

Isn't she pretty?!
This is my new treat to myself for all my revision efforts.
It is a Polar FT4 Fitness Watch.

My overall verdict?


The heart rate monitor and strap.

The box comes neatly packaged in the statement black.  Side by side, is the bright pink watch and the heart rate monitor.
It comes in multiple colours, but I chose a lady-like pink.
I was worried it would be an 'ugly' shade, but in fact it is not tacky or cheap at all. It actually is very, very nice. Especially for the price you pay!
Polar are some of the best fitness watches on the market, they use your heart rate to accurately calculate the calories you burn, your peak and maximum fitness zones, and other useful tools for fitness addicts.
I bought the most basic calorie counting watch of the range as that was the purpose I needed it solely for, but the watches range from around £44-140 depending on their ability.

But why do I love it?
It was very simple to set up (literally just a few clicks of the buttons), and with no fuzz. Simply ready to go in two minutes.

The strap snugly fits just under your bosoms once the electrode pads have been splashed with some water. I was a bit worried that during the workout this would fall off/loosen and I would have the awkward position of what would appear to be adjusting my bra in the middle of the gym.
Not an issue.
It was not going anywhere!

Well it might look pretty, but does it work?
For me, very well.
I used it for my fitness classes; boxercise, zumba, spinning, boot camp... I have tried it at all of them and it was great in recording your heart rate for an accurate measurement.
In relation to gym equiptment, the treadmills were relatively similar, but the cross trainers and rowers were very different  to reality.
Those readings also did not take into account what you burn in between machines or the amount burn during weight work.

My conclusion? For the price that I paid (£55), it does exactly what I need it to.
It is accurate, means that I can know exactly what I burn when in fitness classes, and is quite attractive.

So in the view of a regular but basic gym goer, if you fancy a simple watch for what is to me a highly useful function; then this is well worth a try without breaking your budget.

Plus, buying new gym gear actually made the gym more interesting and fun! Bonus!

(Apologises for the 'cracked' photos, dropping my iPhone and smashing the screen and camera was not my best move!)



  1. GREAT post!! I've been sitting on the fence for a while now; I used one all the time when I was 15/16 but got semi bored of it. Thanks for you honest view of it, I'll go see what I can find :)
    x x x

    1. Well for what I needed it to do, it lived up to the challenge!
      Welcome :) Honesty is the best policy! xxx

    2. Same, you've really tempted me Emily! xxx

  2. I've got this watch and only thing i'd say is that I'd wish it would display average heart rate while you're out for a run, instead of having to wait until you get home - by which point you're collapsed on the sofa and could give two shits.

    Cracking hair.


    1. Ahh I think some of the higher watches display the average heart rate throughout, but all I know is that on mine I can check through the workout the calories,'zone' times, highest peak, workout time etc.
      Thanks, I grew it myself! x

    2. Yea they do, but then you're talking big bucks.

      There was a review of different running watches in the Guardian yesterday in case you're interested.

      Don't go nuts ahead of summer - you look fine to me already.


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