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An 'insight' into the life of a Fresher Hockey Girl

As some of you might be aware, I'm a 'fresher'.
A first year university student.
I have spent the whole year surrounded by terms of: 
..."Ohh Fresh Meat", "Down it Fresher!", and "Why are you worrying?! You're a Fresher!".... 
And, it has been incredible.
I'm about to finish this epic year in a few weeks after these painful exams are finished; so I thought the best way to celebrate the ending of the hockey season/year, would be to show you some of my social highlights and funky costumes!

Our choca-blocked car in September to go start the Semester!

Looking back at the scared little Fresher I was when I arrived in September, it is scary how much can change in so little time. My flat and I have spent hours laughing at our photos of Freshers Week; commenting on our mad antics, ridiculous stamina of nights out, and how much we all physically look different.
Constantly you hear stories published by the newspapers, spread on the grape vine, and whispered amongst parents of the horrors within university sports societies. 
Now quite frankly I think they are exaggerating a tad! 
Hockey has been my constant throughout the year, and as such a big part of my fresher experience it deserves a strong mention!

Hockey is one of the perks in my uni life. The Wednesday Night socials are famous, the training is usually productive but hilarious, and when we win matches the success is second to none!
I promise you, to those outside the club it might seem a bit scary; but to those within, it is more like a crazy hockey obsessed family! 

So here it is...My Fresher hockey experience!

First up the Otley Run in Freshers Week! We went to cheer on the first team before embarking on the pinnacle of all pub crawls. The Otley Run stretches from the city outskirts to the city centre; a 14 pub marathon which is an all day event!

After tasks along the way, we survived ours! (Unlike Danny Cipriani did!) We were covered in marker pen and absolutely shattered by the end. One of my top crazy hockey bonding experiences! 

Every Wednesday our socials are a mini bar crawl, here it is time to eye up each others costumes and have a catch up! 
(Yes, it is fancy dress every single week!)

So... Which are my favourite fresher outfits?

One of the first challenges!
Freshers... Spliffs!

Next up... Bricks!

Role Reversal Week!
Freshers- Farmers

The Old Girls had a very different theme this week...
Every Farmer needs sheep, right?

Of course, jelly fish are a standard sight on a Wednesday in the city centre!

Anything But Clothes (ABC); this saw the revival of bin bags, paper bags, duvets, cling film... You name it, it became an outfit!

Yep, we were even cool enough to do our own Harlem Shake!

Getting it down on Chav night!

(One of the best themes ever, you will be surprised how comfy trainers and tracksuits are on nights out!)

A very 'special' social this week... 
Old Girls dressed as Dementors, Freshers- House Elves!
Grey faces, elf ears, and pillow cases galore!

Our penultimate social... Sh**e Night!
The Rule?
Clash as much as possible!
The fancy dress shop got  raided high and low!

And so, here is where this epic year must conclude.
Our Hockey Ball was last week; a time where we could all don our glamorous dresses, huge heels, and sip some well earned champagne!

My team looking rather glammed up!
It was an incredible three course meal with the men's hockey team, followed by a DJ set. 
Sorry I couldn't take more photos, but I couldn't carry around the camera!

It was a highly civil evening taking some pretty photos, but then after a few glasses of wine...

This night was truly memorable, the whole hockey club together celebrating the end of the season in true uni style! 
It is traditionally Alumni Weekend so it featured a hockey tournament with the alumni during the day, the ball in the evening, and then the famous 'Suicide Sunday' the following morning!

A day to head to the pub all together, watch the handover of power between the Old-New Committee members, and laugh about the previous night!
I couldn't think of a better way to end an incredible season!

So for all of those out there looking at university; either as prospective students or adults, do not judge these societies on gossip. 
I can not speak for other universities, but if their students feel the same about their clubs as I do about mine, then I would say the sources of gossip are seriously misled!
I can only imagine how epic next year is going to be!

(Oh, and just to prove it... Yes, I have been playing hockey!!!)



  1. Haha, love the post. I never went to uni, but some aspects do look brilliant. I love your 'Chav night' the girl who brought the baby... and you look beautiful for your hockey ball!

    Love that you did have to put in the last photo though... I was starting to question the actual hockey playing!

    Katie <3

    1. Haha that baby was treated like royalty all night! I didn't put up the photo of the baby being 'treated' by the DJ!
      Thank you! That's really sweet!
      And yes, I do play every now and again! x

  2. Such a great idea for a post! Totally loving all your fancy dress pics, the themes are always so wild and parents/non uni people just can never understand why you do it!!!
    Here's to another brilliant year x x x
    p.s. you all look so glam all dressed up x

    1. My parents think it is bullying, I prefer character building and creativity development! xx

  3. I love this post! Fancy dress always makes nights out so much fun!
    I graduated from uni 2 years ago and this has just filled me with nostalgia for those days! I so wish I could go back.
    Enjoy every minute while you're there because the time seems to pass quicker and quicker the further into uni you get.
    Victoria x

    1. Thanks Victoria! I will try to enjoy it while I can, scary that the first year is virtually over already! x

  4. I'm off to uni next year(all being well), I think I'm gunna have to join a team, even if its only for the dressing up! xxx

    1. Do!! Even if you are in the bottom team, the socials are second to none! Can't recommend it enough! Which unis are you looking at? xx

  5. It looks like you guys have a lot of fun. The costumes are great. Hope you have a great day!

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  6. Fresher initiations are the worst/best of your life. I'm at Newcastle Uni and have had to 'down it' many a time. I love you blog and will definitely be coming back for a read. :)
    Check out mine if you fancy a read of what Newcastle Uni is like :)
    Love Isabella x

    1. Well put! I can't help but laugh thinking about it now, so glad I did it! "Down it" is part of the fun though!
      Thanks Isabella, I'll have a look at yours, (love the name!) x


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