Friday, May 31

The Double Day Exam Slam

After an absolute nightmare of a two hour history exam I am now, finally, completely free from revision. Free from history work. Free from exams.
My first year of university has flown by and only has a few hours left: SCARY TIMES!

Tuesday, May 28

Everyone loves a Skinny Tart!

What was that I spied this weekend? 
Sun?! couldn't be?!


Saturday, May 25

A Chichini Chill Out

Most girls like the finer things in life, especially fine dining.
Macaroons, smoked salmon, and posh chocolates are to name but a few.
But even though these finer things can be sweetly enjoyed and tasted, sometimes they just do not seem tempting.
Lets face it, every now and again it is that simple, cheap food which truly hits the spot!

Queue Chichini!


Thursday, May 23

Introducing Mr and Mrs Hill

The very pinnacle of love, relationships, and life.
A time when everything else can be forgotten, and the happiness of the bride and groom simply surrounds the room in a bubble of love drenched bliss.

The stunning pressed flower confetti which my mother ordered especially for the day!

Tuesday, May 21

Buttery Banana Bread

It's exam season. That horrific, painful time of year for every adolescent across the country.
I'm not an exam person. I never have been.
And so I have developed a form of therapy to cope with this stress- I like to call it Procrasti-baking!


Friday, May 17

The Alchemist

Magic comes in many different forms.
Love, Disney, David Blane, chemistry, and miracles are to name but a few.


Wednesday, May 15

Polar FT4 Fitness Watch

Exam stress is building, the pressure to have that ultimate beach body is mounting, and the ways to procrastinate are becoming desperate.
I've been hitting the gym a lot lately to counteract the revision comfort eating and to release stress. Even though it is probably better to decide a workouts success based on stamina, I base mine and like to know how much I burn.

This is why I have treated myself to this new baby.

Monday, May 13

Sushi: Student Style!

I'm not going to lie, this month is not much fun.
My life consists of 9am starts at the library and falling asleep on top of books about the Industrial Revolution and Sudanese Child Soldiers.
Oh how I cannot wait until that final exam is done and dusted!

My little stash of essentials!

Saturday, May 11

Cheats Pea, Prawn, and Asparagus 'Carbonara'

Summer is nearly upon us.
Sun, sand, and sea beckon with promises of sun kissed skin and summer smiles.
However, whilst this idea of lounging in a hammock without a care in the world seems like paradise, for many of us it is also hell.
And why do you ask is a crystal blue sea, palm trees, and golden beaches up there with Satan's pit?
Because for a lot of girls this means one thing, the impossible quest to achieve...

*Dum Dum Durrrrr* ..."The Ultimate Beach Body".


Thursday, May 9

An 'insight' into the life of a Fresher Hockey Girl

As some of you might be aware, I'm a 'fresher'.
A first year university student.
I have spent the whole year surrounded by terms of: 
..."Ohh Fresh Meat", "Down it Fresher!", and "Why are you worrying?! You're a Fresher!".... 
And, it has been incredible.
I'm about to finish this epic year in a few weeks after these painful exams are finished; so I thought the best way to celebrate the ending of the hockey season/year, would be to show you some of my social highlights and funky costumes!

Our choca-blocked car in September to go start the Semester!

Sunday, May 5

The "Corr Blimey" Cake

This cake is a beast.
A chocolatey, summer berry beast.
The reason I have named it the "Corr Blimey" Cake is because that is exactly the reaction it receives.
Mouths drop, a hush goes around the room, and people think that you are some sort of magical cake wizard!

Friday, May 3

May Top Ten

Fancy knowing which items I am currently obsessed with or cannot live without?
Well today is your lucky day!
Here is a little insight into my top ten favourite things this month!

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