Tuesday, April 30

"Why are you getting up in my Grill!?"

So the other night, we decided to go to the pub for a chilled, relaxing glass of Pinot Grigio. (Classy students hitting a cheap bottle of plonk...Typical!)
Recently, we have learnt that pub nights no matter how much we try, never end up quiet. Ever.
And so, within a few hours, we found ourselves after our 5th bottle of (near vinegar tasting) wine in the centre of Leeds having a whale of a time.
This was great!...Until we woke up the next morning and felt a 'little' worse for wear!


Friday, April 26

I've Got That 'Fruity Friday' Feeling!

Blue skies are stretching, the sun is shining, and that Friday feeling is lurking with only a few more hours to the weekend!
With a pile of softened fruit in the fridge, I thought I would whack out a healthy smoothie after a hardcore gym sweat.
Plenty of vitamins, natural energy, and fruity goodness!
Over the Summer,  I'll do a nice little smoothie series of my experimental blending.
Cue the birth of  the epic series, "Fruity Fridays"...!!


Thursday, April 25

Skinny Tuna Burgers with Home-made Guacamole

Juicy, meaty, succulent, and addictive.
That is what a burger should be.
At that very first bite, it should be calling to you like a soft whisper... Begging... Pleading... Wishing...That you will go and sink your teeth into another sinful bite of bliss.


Tuesday, April 23

Trinity- Sushi, Shopping, and (alot) of Students!

Leeds is a rather big place.
With just a "few" thousand students of over 35,000; it is safe to say that the vast majority of this city's population will be girls my age who can't help but adore a bit of debit card melting!


Saturday, April 20

White Chocolate and Raspberrry Blondies

One of the perks of baking is that you can delve into its deepest, darkest crooks and crannies at any time which takes your fancy.
The season, time of day, and torrential downpour outside are all utterly irrelevant.
Infact...You can even laugh at the rain outside whilst snuggled in a big, squishy armchair, cradling a steaming cup of tea and one of your freshly made fruit buns that are just out of the oven!
Summer or Winter, rain or shine; you can whack out the cake tins and piping bags regardless!


Wednesday, April 17

Bring on the Burgers!

I may have once or twice mentioned my good friend Katie, (she is a bit of a babe!)
You might have caught a quick glimpse of this charming girl in my past posts, but I doubt you knew that she has a secret talent...??


Monday, April 15

Ronnie's Scottish Shortbread

When we think of Scotland, it is impossible to not imagine the stereotypical answers of...

"...Lochs, Whisky, Hadrian's Wall, Kilts, Highland Games, Bag Pipes, and Haggis!"

But there is another little speciality which this northern nation is renowned for, their shortbread!


Friday, April 12

A Bloggers Dream Day in London

Being in Rutland is great. Broad, ranging fields; baaa-ing sheep with their tender lambs, and the constant thrill of adrenaline when having to overtake tractors on winding roads.
I love the countryside.... But let's face it, there is nothing like the buzz of London.
My friend Katie and I needed a serious catch up; the long distance Skype calls between Edinburgh Uni and Leeds kept us going for a while... But picture screens only go so far!
We booked a (ridiculously) early train down to London, ready to devour some breakfast as soon as we arrived.


Wednesday, April 10

Sally's Apple and Cinnamon Swirl Cake

Today, is a good day.
I'm going to share one of my top secret weapons with you. Naughty of me, I know.


Monday, April 8

Instagram Montage

Afternoon tea at the Falcon Hotel in Uppingham, Rutland. A classic British indulgence!


Sunday, April 7


So I know this little spot.
It's snuggled away down a tiny cobbled street in Cambridge, nestled amongst old fashioned tea shops and vintage book stores.
When the family and I decided that we severely needed an early starting shopping trip; we agreed, unanimously, that there was only one option for a hearty breakfast to fuel our credit card flexing.
This is Bill's.


Thursday, April 4

Apples...Stewed, Stirred, and Scrummy!

I'm buzzing.
Summer is coming. I can feel it in the air; lurking, ready to spring up on us with warm breezes and sunny rays.
Blue skies; Pimms, melting drips of ice cream, and unlimited types of fruit smoothies.
I wish that a British heat wave would get a jog on soon!

Except this also means one thing; the dreaded diet season.
Beach bodies are needing to be groomed and primed in advance for bikinis; but your sweet tooth does not have to suffer in this quest for body bliss.
I can't live without some sweetness, I'm an addict I must admit, and this is my simple survival solution when eating as healthy as a saint.


Tuesday, April 2

A Weekend In Exeter, Day 2

So what happened next down south in sunny Exeter I hear you cry?
Well I managed to visit on the only two cloudy days of the week, just my sodding luck!
Comfort food would go down a treat right now in this gloomy weather and thankfully, my brother and his house mates offered to cook us a cracking roast dinner before our big night out. 
I'm not going to lie, I know that they do a bit of cooking here and there, but... a full roast with the trimmings?! 
Yeah right!


Monday, April 1

A Weekend In Exeter, Day 1

I miss 'Big Ben'. 
He is tall, very British, and has a bright, beaming face. 

I'm ranting here about my big brother. He is down at university in Exeter for the majority of the year because of his heavy rowing schedule, (he is just slightly good!); so I can't see him as much as I would like to.
Leeds is obviously the opposite end of the woods entirely and when train tickets are bordering on £100 for a return; (what a joke?!), I go for months without seeing my big bear of a brother. 
Luckily, our uni term dates haven't matched up and I have finished for Easter in time to pop down south for a quick visit. 
One of my closest friends Kathy, is a fresher at Exeter too; so not only did I receive a brotherly bear hug, but I was also able to spend the whole weekend with her! 

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