Tuesday, March 5

Coffee, Cake and Comedy

Now you folks may have heard of a little thing called Comic Relief.
It's just a teeny, tiny charity that does the odd good deed or two..
This British charity has raised over £800 million to help children and those disadvantaged across the globe... Just a bit of a big deal then!
Since every little helps, when my friends and I heard that they were hitting Leeds for a 'University Road Trip', we knew that scrimping those few extras pennies to buy a ticket was the only option.

We decided to arrive at the auditorium early to secure the best seats in the house; unfortunately...everybody else had the exact same idea and we ended up in the heavens! Nevertheless, the atmosphere was electric as an eager bunch of fresh faced students clapped and banged the 'Fresh Meat' cast onto the floor. This was no ordinary lecture...This was a 'Fresh Meat' lecture!

For those who have not seen the show, 'Fresh Meat' is a British comedy about university life, the 'interesting' house mates that you are picked to live with, and the different societies and circles on campus. Needless to say, the idea of these comics doing an "alternative" lecture compared to the standard economics or biology went down a treat!

The cast decided to lecture us on a completely random selection of topics; 90's music, Hercule Poirot, Jaws, and even the life and legend that is Kris Akabusi. (Including some very graphic readings of his sexual adventures...)

Needless to say, the crowd was in fits in laughter for the whole hour...(and greatly appreciated Jack Whitehall's athletics costume in tribute to Kris Akabusi!)
It was well worth the high ticket price as it was all for a cracking cause. Even students can scrimp together those few extra pennies to help a charity such as Comic Relief, plus you even can have a complete laugh by doing so!
But all that laughing didn't half work out those stomach muscles and soon enough Flick, Kirsty and I were suffering from the rumblings of hunger. Time to hit one of my favourite lunch locations!

Located just opposite the library and university steps is 'Froth and Fodder'; it is an easy distance away, a good budget price, and hands out a cracking cup of coffee- no wonder it is my favourite spot to grab a drink and a crunchy bit of brunch!

I swear now, if you are ever in the neighbour hood and think, "Hmmm, I quite fancy a nice treat... Get me a cracking piece of cake!" Then this is your place! Whenever life is getting us down, the girls and I quickly whizz through their doors, plonk ourselves down in the cushy armchairs and devour their epic Millionaire's Shortbread- Honest to goodness it is a winner in itself!

Its a snug, warm little cafe; so having ordered our drinks and food, we snuggled down and waited eagarly.

Their sandwiches and salads are freshly made in the kitchen everyday and the selection is pretty great too. Usually I plump for their home made soup on a cold winters day, but they are also renowned for their slow roasted pork bun! Something I seriously need to try on my next visit!

But alas, today was a day when I needed my classic. Tuna and emmental cheese melt with spring onions. I could eat this forever... and ever... and ever.

Coffee's were quickly slurped, sandwiches munched, and the atmosphere thrived as we were surrounded by the busy lunchtime rush. It quickly picks up at peak lunch times so we were lucky to find a great table when we arrived.

It is quite a quirky little joint, some of the tables are actually old school desks.  Every time you visit, it is hard to resist that cheeky peak inside to see what wise words of wisdom your fellow peers have left behind.

Whether it by quotes to help you through the hard days, declarations of love, or even the odd Latin poem of two; there will always be a good few scraps to have a rummage through during your lunch break.

All in all, not a bad day! Coffee, cake and comedy just within a good few hours.
Sadly it can't last forever and it is time to hit the library once again. I will give it an hour before I bet I will be back in their arm chairs snuggled with a cappuccino.
Will power against caffeine is definitely not my strength!

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