Saturday, March 30

Easter Hot Cross Buns

Sticky, squidgy, spicy, and hot.
That is how I like my buns.


Friday, March 29

Easter Rocky Road

When Easter comes knocking every year at our little cottage; two charming recipes are drained of life to sooth our Easter-y cravings.
There is of course the Easter classic- scummy, cinnamony hot cross buns (I'll pop these up on the blog tomorrow); and then there are these little devils.
Just imagine all of the Easter chocolates which swarm the shops; the classic Mini Eggs, Cream Eggs, Caramel eggs...*Drool...*
Well now imagine these, all crunched and coated in even more chocolate and layered in a rocky road base.
Hell yes.
They are quite similar to my Zebra Bars (an all year round indulgence!); but these are a special Easter treat after those long, impossible Lent resolutions.


Wednesday, March 27

Fine Foods

If anyone has been lucky enough to be abroad this week, you might be completely oblivious to the ridiculous weather cock up that has been destroying the UK.
I have come home this week to blizzards, hail storms, and up to 4 ft of snow on my door step. Needless to say, when we could finally escape our tiny village after a few days, my parents and I were craving a cracking cup of coffee and delicious comfort food.
I live close to Stamford, a charming little town in Lincolnshire, and recently voted by the Guardian as the "Best Place to Live in the UK". I definitely do not disagree with this! It is a delightful cobbled town full of ancient stone churches and traditional British features; but most important, it is crammed with incredible cafes and restaurants!


Monday, March 25

Oat, Raisin, and Walnut Cookies

So I am finally back at home in the countryside! At this point I should be strolling through the fields dodging the newly born lambs with my demented dog, or even meeting up with my old school friends for coffee.

Saturday, March 23

Amsterdam, Day 3

So today was our last day in Amsterdam.
Groggy from the epic bar crawl the night before, we did not let this dampen our mood.
Today, it was time to hit Amsterdam hard for the final 24 hours before collapsing on the long bus ride home.
Of course, we could not do this on an empty stomach and set out for the local cuisine.
Time for (Dutch) pancakes!


Friday, March 22

Amsterdam, Day 2

Last night was... Heavy, hard, and incredible. The perfect way to begin our 3 day Amsterdam stint! However, when our alarm buzzed at 10am; groans, moans, and grumbles were felt by all. The idea of leaving our snugly bed with a throbbing head and stomach of cheap wine was not appealing, at all. Nevertheless, we wanted to go sightseeing!
Today was the only day where rain/snow was not forecast and so there was only one option; time to join the crazy locals and get peddling!


Thursday, March 21

Amsterdam, Day 1

Another university term is over, Easter is looming, and students across the country are beginning to head home.
However, Leeds University students are not your average bears. When term ends, there is only one solution- a final, epic send off before starting a months detox.
Amsterdam was calling to us; and we could not resist its beckoning allure.
Knackered, skint, and hungover; this did not deter us, and 49 peers and myself set off on the 15 hour long coach journey to this 'magical' city.


Wednesday, March 13

Flick's Birthday Night

My Chocolate Malteser Cake with finished with a flare, hidden away from Flick, and ready to surprise her!
Today, it was her 19th birthday and in true student style; we all scrimped together to afford a delicious evening meal to celebrate.
Down the road from our halls is the area of Headingley, a buzzing, vibrant student area with cafes and restaurants a plenty.
We found a firm favourite with the local Leeds rugby lads at the Arc; a quirky, bright restaurant located just off the high street.


Tuesday, March 12

Chocolate Malteser Cake

So this week it was my flatmates birthday. Flick was turning 19; and even though she firmly stated that birthdays were "not a big deal", we simply knew this was not true.
My other flatmate Sophia and I decided that it was time for some hard core baking! Not one, but two epic cakes to knock her socks off!
Here is my little creation. A cake so moist, chocolately, and devilish that it tempts you to undo your trouser button for that extra, naughty nibble.


Friday, March 8

As Easy As Pie

Recently university has been mental.
Everybody is panicking with the looming deadlines next week and running around like lunatics in an attempt to finish everything in time.
It is always a worrying moment when you do not see your friends for a few days; inevitably drowning amongst a sea of books in the deepest, darkest depths of the library.
A treat was needed. A comforting 'hug' to give everyone that sweet taste of home while they eagerly count down until the Easter break.
My idea? Simple. An epic feast.
This suggestion didn't get very many objections, at all; and so I had the task on my hands of cooking a meal for 14 hungry, homesick students in a kitchen that is beyond basic.
Never fear! Behold "My Pie Night"; 3 simple solutions that always go down a treat and can be whipped up quickly, for a large group, and (for a student most importantly...) cheaply!
Since the lads are ever so slightly addicted to chicken; this seemed like the best option. So here you go my lovelies, here is:

...Emily's Chicken and Mushroom Pie, Cheats Banoffee Pie, and a Fruity Foolproof Pavlova...

First, time to get cracking on with the Cheat's Banoffee Pie! A fantastic recipe adapted from Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals.


Tuesday, March 5

Coffee, Cake and Comedy

Now you folks may have heard of a little thing called Comic Relief.
It's just a teeny, tiny charity that does the odd good deed or two..
This British charity has raised over £800 million to help children and those disadvantaged across the globe... Just a bit of a big deal then!
Since every little helps, when my friends and I heard that they were hitting Leeds for a 'University Road Trip', we knew that scrimping those few extras pennies to buy a ticket was the only option.


Friday, March 1

A Little Hangover Cure

Last night I had my weekly hockey social for my university team. These are always the highlight of my week; giggling girls, wreckless dancing and inevitably a good story or two to tell the morning after.
Dressing up in fancy dress every week and looking like a fool is part of the charm, but it is easy to laugh it off when you are all in the same boat and embracing it.
Needless to say, in true uni style... it was a heavy night and I woke up this morning a little bit worse for wear!
Time for an epic hangover cure to settle that stomach and brighten you up a bit!

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