Tuesday, February 26

Double Chocolate 'Zebra' Bars

If you have currently given up chocolate for Lent, then I apologise!
You are about to curse and cuss repeatedly about my next post...until Easter Sunday at least!
For my hockey match this week, I was the "sweetie fresher"; given one simple command.
"Energy. Indulgent. Chocolate."
Safe to say, I like my teams style!
Instantly one recipe from my whopping sized cook book sprung to mind.
A tray bake so devilish that I have been known on several occasions to eat a whole batch...by myself.
(Que Bridget Jones style Ben and Jerry's/Pyjama scene)

Let me introduce you to my little friend...

Hello... "Double Chocolate Zebra Bars"!


Sunday, February 24

Belated Valentines Bakes

As you may have seen from my earlier post, last week was my 19th birthday on Valentines Day, (WOOO!)
I had the most incredible time with both my uni and old school friends; whilst doing a lot of baking through out the day. Perfect plan if you ask me!
I promised you the recipes to my little romantic creations and ,oh, I do hate to disappoint.

So, even though a bit belated, here is my guide to making your own fabulous...

"Vanilla Heart Biscuits and Strawberries and Cream Cupcakes"


Thursday, February 21

Escape to the Country, Day 2

On Sunday morning, did I manage to snuggle in my double bed for an incredible lie in?
Stretching out under the cosy covers to wake up to the smell of sizzling bacon and sausages?
Happily skipping downstairs to the smell of one of my Mum's legendary full English breakfasts in the Aga?
Whilst my Dad happily chomps on a sausage sandwich reading the Sunday Times?

.....No. Not this time.


Tuesday, February 19

Escape to the Country, Day 1

You will be surprised what you miss from home when you go to university.
The popular lines usually feature comfy beds, heating and eating food that isn't out of an instant noodle packet. Two of these I dearly miss, (I do attempt to settle the food comfort cravings a smidge..!)

With my weekend bag packed hours in advance, I spent the whole train journey fidgeting; convinced that I could already smell my Mum's succulent roast beef simmering away in the Aga.

So which things did I especially miss from home? My double bed, (silly uni single beds are a nightmare)...the power shower is high up on the list too....but this little treasure did get a strong look in.


Monday, February 18

A Valentines Birthday Blog

So is there anything different in my life I hear you ask?
Did I get a new haircut?... No.
Treat myself to a new dress?... (Sadly) No.
Or even win millions on a bingo ticket and migrate to the Maldives?... Definitely no.
Even though  I would gladly welcome all of these things with a big, beaming smile, I actually had a bit of a different Valentines Day compared to your 'Average Joe'.

Instead.... Thursday 14th February was in fact...(Dum dum durrrrr!!).. My 19th birthday. (Woooo!!)


Wednesday, February 13

A Flipping Good Pancake Day!

I defy anyone who does not love flipping a good pancake!
There is something so childlike, yet so satisfactory when you complete that perfect flip!
(Or of course the dread and disappointment if it flops to the floor...)
Regardless, Pancake Day is one of my favourite days of the year; you have an excuse to gorge on fluffy cakes smothered in Nutella, fruit or syrup before the testing 40 days and 40 nights.


Tuesday, February 12

Betty's of Harrogate

Since I have been up north, busy in Leeds for a few weeks, it has been a while since I've seen my family.
Even though the Skype sessions every Sunday help to fill the void, let's face it, there is nothing like a motherly hug!
My Dad had been lucky enough to fly to Dublin to watch England trounce Ireland in the Six Nations rugby, (highly jealous!), so this seemed like the perfect time to have a mother-daughter catch up!
The good thing about Leeds is that it is the focus within a little triangle between Harrogate and York. Each are only a short distance away and make a perfect outing to get out of the city air.
A perfect, quick escape for a country girl!


Sunday, February 10

Foolproof Pizza

While England is full of dull clouds, heavy snow and Baltic winds, imagine this little dream...

"You're sitting with a friend on a cool, iron chair; sipping on a icy glass of chardonnay.
Letting the sun soak into your skin, you both watch the busy passers-by through your classical Ray Bans.
Subtly smiling at the tourists taking pictures, locals flogging their souvenirs and the general rush of energy around you on the plaza; you can't help but feel a bit smug sitting in this restaurant, calm, just watching and relaxing without a worry in the world.
All of a sudden, a charming Italian waiter comes up to your table carrying an emperor sized pizza; dripping with cheese, seasoned to perfection and a beautifully crisp base waiting to be crunched into..."

Now sadly this is a dream.
Even though I would love to just jump on a plane, head to Rome and indulge for days on end on lasagnas, pastas and legendary pizzas; student life would never allow this to happen!
*Sigh*... A girl can dream!


Thursday, February 7

Chocolate Orange Biscotti Biscuits

"Emily's top 10 drinks she cannot live without:

1. Smoothies, (always a winner in summer! Any fruit, any flavour, I'm never fussy!)
2. Hot Chocolate, (marshmallows compulsory)
3. Champagne
4. Pimms
And (unsurprisingly...) at number 5..... CAFFEINE!!!   "

Anyone who has met me knows that I'm an utter caffeine addict.
Latte. Americano. Cappuccino. Mocha. English Breakfast. Early Grey... You name it, I will probably drink it!
I am physically unable to get out of bed without a cup of tea, I repeatedly crave that steaming cappuccino for elevenses and without fail work with a brew by my side.
I probably should cut down at some point, but at least this is my addiction and not junk food, (the lesser of two evils and all that jazz!!)
But being an obsessed baker, I can't help but think about a little crunch to go and dip in my steaming brew.


Tuesday, February 5

A Cake for a Caveman

On Sunday it was my friend Steve's 19th Birthday.
We were all given one simple message by the birthday boy, "I just don't want a big fuss".
Now, I'm not one to let a birthday go amiss, especially without a cake!
Everyone needs a birthday cake; whether it be a single cupcake, a  huge princess tower cake or even the legendary Colin the Caterpillar cake... You can never have a birthday without a cake!
Just no.
So I woke up early Sunday morning and prepared this little beauty.
It's a very light, simple and relatively healthy bake on the overall cake scale.

This is my heavenly, ultra light "Orange Victoria Sandwich"!


Sunday, February 3

"Just Like Mum Makes It.."

Today was a little bit of sunshine to brighten those dreary clouds.

After a Boot Camp class with Sophia; I utterly collapsed in a big, squishy chair cradling a coffee and piece of cake.

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