Thursday, January 31

My 'Little Devil' Brownies

Now here comes a marmite moment.

You're either going to sit there spitting at the screen cursing my next post to high hell for ruining your diet and resolutions...
Or you might even start jumping up and down like a lunatic with glee having found the holy grail.
Obviously these are just extreme (and quite frankly scary) reactions, but I'm hoping that this next post will actually have most people's mouths watering and craving these little devils.


Wednesday, January 30

Vodka Revolution

This Monday was painful.
My seminars were highly complicated, draining and endless. Of course, this was never helped by the fact that we had the challenge of translating these wise words of wisdom from the voices of foreign lecturers in the first place...Just what you need to start the week!

So when this absolutely fabulous situation coincides with the freezing rain pelting in your face, lets just say that I was more than happy to get back to my flat for a 4 o'clock cuppa!

But, it isn't all doom and gloom and I did have one little treat to get me through the day...


Sunday, January 27

Sleepy Saturday

Last night another epic blizzard swirled around Leeds. In its wake, a mass of snow cloaked the streets once more and was quickly met with a mixture of groans and glee.
I, was not filled with glee, at all.
I usually love snow. Don't get me wrong it's stunning, romantic and incredible to ski on, but trudging through the mush and having fallen flat on my arse to the hoots of the drivers on the main road has dampened my love for it recently.
Nevertheless, on this sleepy Saturday the need to visit the estate agents beckoned down the road in Hyde Park- even though only a short walk, it's a journey that from your bed feels like the London Marathon.
My friend Jenny and I braved the weather to fill out our final forms so that our group could get our little pad for next year.
Now... We didn't walk all that long, dangerous trek down to Hyde Park for nothing and there just happened to conveniently by a cafe next door... How handy.


Friday, January 25

Banana Chocolate Twix Muffins

Just imagine...
You slowly stretch out your arms and wearily open your eyes after an epic slumber, all snuggled in your duvet like a little door mouse. Sounds of kettles boiling and pots clanging reach your ears from the kitchen downstairs as your Mum is busy preparing an epic breakfast feast.
Your senses are gradually waking up, hits you. A smell so delicious your stomach twinges with hunger and demands that you abandon your pillow and feather fortress.


Wednesday, January 23

That's 'Snow' joke....

Brrrrr baby it's cold outside!
If anyone hasn't heard/ looked out of the window in the past few days, the country has had a monumental issue of....*wait for it..*..... SNOW!!


Sunday, January 20

A Little Bit of Love in your Life...

Frantic scribbling, constant brain busting and ticking clocks became the bane of my existence...

Two weeks of torturous revision seemed to echo an eternity and the need to revive my social life was haunting my dreams.
But this, thankfully, doesn't last forever! Finally on Friday I could gleefully shred every last revision note and forget about Barbarians, Managerial functions and Carolingian Empires.
Armed with my Smirnoff, playing cards and Schnapps I headed off with the chums to reclaim the dancing hours lost and go a teeny tiny bit mental... Time for an Exam Slam!!


Wednesday, January 16

Fruity Flapjacks

Lacking energy?....Little sleep?....Big rugby, hockey, lacrosse (or even....fives?!), match ahead??

Well I have a little gem to give you an oaty, crunchy and fruity burst of natural, wholesome energy!!

Throughout this week my flat mates and I have had the torturous and depressive routine of early starts, library cramming and serious caffeine overdoses in order to pass these uni exams.


Friday, January 11

When only caffine and chocolate will do.....

Sadly, being pampered, fattened up and looked after at home can't last forever and reality soon decides to kick us...hard!
After consuming an impressive number of atleast 100 mincepies (Can you tell that I'm just a smidge proud..?), baking atleast 25 different recipies and spending as much time as possible dog walking through the fields instead of revising; it was time to brave the baltic weather up north in Leeds once again.


Saturday, January 5

Melting Moments....

So we have all been there....

You've had a dreadful day, it's cold outside in the rough British weather, and the one thing you need is a big mug of snuggly tea to warm up your heart.

But alas....You're still craving that little treat just to pick you up a smidge and fill 'that' gap.... I have the solution!
We all love a good Custard Cream to dunk in your steaming brew, but these are not just normal Custard Creams... Hell no!
Nothing is more comforting than a cup of tea!


Friday, January 4

The Journey Begins...

So I thought I'd keep the first post in my blogging journey 'short and sweet'!

For 2013 I thought that I would try something new. I based my NY's resolutions on putting myself more 'out there' and being a 'yes' person by trying things which I had always previously shot down... Not any more!!

Bit too much bubbly over Christmas and New Year!

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